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By YAK_Chewie
Gotta wonder how retailers are feeling about all the Spiderman 2 crap not selling.


- No variety of characters
- No playsets
- Lame vehicles
- Limited articulation
- High price point ~$10 per figure thanks to a lame pack-in

...well done, Hasbro. Bravo.

I'm sure they will blame the market for the failures of this line, rather than realize that in order for a line like this to succeed, they need to make something that actually appeals to people. Good sculpts, better articulation, several different characters, a playset that appeals to both collectors and kids, etc. This line has none of that going for it. This line is Hasbro at its worst.

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By StooperZero
the ones that have any articulation are under "Legends" and my local TRU had em at $22 each...

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By MisterPL
Hasbro's just trying to hit the price points that retailers want, largely due to obtaining a margin everyone can live with.

I know it's popular and fun to rag on "Hasblow" at every opportunity but collectors really need to aim at least half of their vitriol at the stores that insist on stocking these things all the time.
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By Paulskywalker
I looked at the new line today, one baddie and the rest Spidey and his obsession with having an oufit for every eventuality. Serious this movie has three baddies in it that i know of, but Electro seems to be the only one getting the attention on everything. I'm sure a Rhino would have moved fast.
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By MisterPL
[waves at Jodo!]

There are a couple things working against the kind of toy line collectors like us would expect.

Believe it or not, one is Marvel. They license this property. However, they're owned by Disney, which is in competition with Sony AND would like nothing more than to see their flagship film property returned to Marvel Studios. So while Marvel does offer the Spider-Man movies as part of their licensing program, they don't push it as much as they do the animated or comic versions or properties they have complete control over like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another issue is the movie process. Columbia works on these films right up until the last possible moment and as we all know, toys have to start production a year in advance. Many times CGI-laden films like this suffer when it comes to merchandising because the designs simply haven't been finalized in time for the toy manufacturers to develop product. Best case scenario: We'll get something like a Rhino suit in time for the home video release.

And it's always a challenge when the main character has ONE look for the entire movie. Kids want Spider-Man but retailers don't want what appears to be an ocean of the same character clogging the pegs on Day One. It's true for Batman and Superman as well so naturally manufacturers are encouraged to take creative liberties and offer "concept series" or comic incarnations to offer a little variety.

Hopefully things will be better for Sinister Six but I wouldn't expect to see any supporting characters in Marvel movie lines like we do with Star Wars. Marvel just doesn't promote characters like Gwen or alter egos like Max or Harry or Aleksei. They're not even in the style guides I've seen. Even the villain assets show up later than the hero assets.

So take the criticisms to the retailers as well as to Marvel. Laying it all on Hasbro is like preaching to the choir.
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By YAK_Chewie
Meh, I'm not in fan of "Hasblow" comments, but I think Hasbro dropped a giant turd on this brand.

If retailers want a $10 price point, that's fine. But when Hasbro comes right out of the gate like this, all that does is spell disaster. We've seen it time and time again. If Hasbro can't get the final design concepts down early, then go with something as close as they think it will be - the point being, if there are several villains in the film, then make them. If Peter Parker is in the movie in street clothes, make him. If he has a girlfriend, make her so Spiderman has someone to save. Just don't make a sea of the same character.

It appears that Hasbro just cares about getting the product to retail in the initial push - not how it actually performs for the retailers. They don't care about longevity of the line because they are focusing on the next thing - and I sort of get that - but eventually if they continue to lose the confidence of retailers, they are going to eventually have some big retailers tell them, "No thanks!" and really get burned. But retailers should also show some restraint - at least I hope they do with the REBELS and EP7 merchandise - because my fear is we're not going to see latter waves show up at retail - for a line that is intended to have some longevity though, hopefully Hasbro has learned their lesson and won't flood the market early - we know what that ends up doing...

Hasbro's 3.75 boy toy line really have lost so much steam and staying power these past few years - starting with their failed approach to Star Wars Movie Heroes in 2012, which was awful. We all saw that train wreck coming the moment that lineup was announced.

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By Jodo
*waves back at PL*

I definitely think the blunder is shared by both sides with this line, and you both make good points. It's a shame either way, for both retailers and consumers!
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By Paulskywalker
Hasbro's plan for EP7 is Luke in lots of multi-coloured jedi robes and guns.
By theArchivist
There is definite problem with an over abundance of the same character in all the 3 3/4 Spiderman lines. I'm not really sure why Hasbro does this for Spiderman but Spiderman 2 isn't the first time they have done it. The 6" spiderman line had way better character selection. Why cant they do something like that for for the 4" line. It is a very frustrating situation for 4" collectors and seems to be across all Marvel lines at the moment.
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