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Outer Space Men
This is the line that brought them into the 1:18 Scale back in 2010. It is a re-make of the Outer Space Men line from the 60s created by Mel Brinkrant This line currently has 16 characters with multiple colorways. It appears that the line has come to an end as there has not been much word on new characters.

Some good resources about this line: Mel's website Four Horseman's website

Some of these can still be purchased at Please be aware that they ship their own products and communication and products do take a while to get.

Commander Commet
Alpha 7
Terra Firma
Jack Astroid
Collossus Rex
Gamma X
By theArchivist
Power Lords
This line is still in its pre-release stage with a couple colorways that have been sold but the final product has not been released as of yet.
Some of these figures can still be purchased at [url][/url]
They currently have 2 primary sculpts done that they have released in a couple different configurations.

Adam Power/Power Lord (shares the same primary sculpt with the Power Soldier and Elite Power Soldier)
Ggripptogg (He also has some different configurations called Ggrabbtargg and Ggrapptikk)
Sydot (prototype has been completed with a couple different configurations)
Power Soldier Assassin (painted 2-up protoype has been shown)
Disguyzur (painted 2-up prototype has been shown)

Figures that have been released
Adam Power
Power Lord
Power Soldier (Black, Slate Zone - Grey, Ophidian Squad - Red)
Elite Power Soldier (White, Slate Zone - Cream, Ophidian Squad - Blue)
Ggripptogg (Red, Concept - Grey)
Ggrapptargg (Orange - Fan Club Exclusive)
Ggrapptikk (Pink, Purple, Green, Black, Blue)
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