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I am Elemental Super Heroine action figures for girls
Funding Period - May 13 2014 - Jun 12 2014 Funding Goal $35,000

These look pretty cool. They are 4" and have 13 POA and are about $10. I hope they do good and show that girl action figures are more popular than Hasbro says they are.
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This one is over but they may offer them in their store later on.
Goal - $29,900
Pledged - $244,155
Backers - 1195
Funded on April 30th 2014


These are about $19 per figure if you only got 1.
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Another line that has only been "announced" as a kickstarter project with an additional group offered on their webstore.

Boss Fight Studios
Greek Mythology will be their first line
more information


I had found a list of the figures that would be exclusive for the Kickstarter but i can't seem to locate it anymore... I will post it when I find it again.
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The Elemental super heroines has been fully funded and its only been 3 days. Still plenty of time to go. It seems like the 1:18 scale figures that have already been designed and have prototypes do really well. I hope more small companies see this as an avenue to get their products out in the future.
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Boss Fight Studios' Kickstarter campaign should be starting soon. They have mentioned some blank figures for customizing as stretch goals. They will have both male & female bodies in different colors.
Here is one of their males in Caucasian flesh tone.
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Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian Hacks is live
Funding period June 2nd, 2014 - July 11th 2014
goal of 75, 000

They have lots of stretch goals to include blank figures used for customizing. The buy in for these start at about $30 each figure. Since this is kickstarter and you are really just giving money to the people to complete their project this is a little understandable but quite expensive. I hope after they have the molds created they are able to use them to their advantage and lower the price per figure.

Kickstarter - Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figure Toy Line

Another Kickstarter action figure line....

This one is a retro line based on Cthulhu.

If your interested:

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It appears the 1:18 scaled kickstarters are doing really well. So far, the past 5 this year have all been really successful.

Marauder Task Force gaming figures is in full production now.
I am Elemental female super heroines is in production and can be pre-ordered at BBTS.
Legends of Cthulhu was just at Gen-con promoting their product. It has been picked up by Diamond Distributors and can be pre-ordered at BBTS as well.
Skeleton Warriors just squeacked by with an ending of $50k. I think that had a lot to do with 3 other KS going at the same time.
Vitruvian HACKS by Boss Fight Studios is finishing up closing their KS and fundaful. They picked up an additional $40k in funding through post campaign add-ons.
Mythic Legions has a tentative KS date starting in January or 2015

I have a feeling that this will continue to succeed especially since Hasbro continues to produce the same re-done figures over and over...
I know the love for Star Wars is strong here and it is where I started the long road of collecting 1:18 scaled action figures but these Kickstarters are a breath of fresh air for me.

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