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By digktialx
We have a recent update! Due to some arm twisting (or was it a Jedi Mind trick?) we've decided to add Worldwide Shipping on most of our pledge options. If that was holding you back before please take another look!

Join the revolution with AFF and Protect, Organize and Compress your marvelous collections in style.

By theArchivist
YAK_Chewie wrote:Thanks for all those fantastic updates!

The Turner figure looks awesome, and female Cobra troops... pretty cool.

Also, unfortunately that last set of images doesn't appear to be working...


It probably didn't show up because it was an attachment on another forum.

Here is a prototype of that figure though
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By digktialx
Hey, just dropping in with another update. We've done up some shots of our sample trays. The picture shows both Vintage and Modern Star Wars figures resting comfortably in their new homes. Even though time is ticking down on our Kickstarter, we are more committed than ever to go forward with our storage trays and carry cases. Especially from what we have learned about existing storage methods. Check us out…and please pledge…it’s never too late!

Kickstarter Link: ... oy-collect

Thank you,


Action Figure Tray Close Up with Star Wars Figures

Action Figure Tray with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and G.I. Joe
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By digktialx
Hey all, we’re launching our Action Figure Archival Trays Kickstarter campaign next week. We've further refined these trays. The new revisions have been specifically designed to act as a universal display and storage systems for a multitude of action figure lines we all know and love. If this is something that interests you please come take a look. You can check out our website at

The site is now live on Kickstarter check it out here:
The traditional link is here for those of you that dont like to copy and paste: ... nd-storage

Meanwhile I’ll just drop some eye candy here ;)


Star Wars Vintage

Thank you,

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