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By YAK_Chewie
My goodness, do we not have a Transformers thread here at all? I've just realized that after all this time, I don't remember ever seeing one... so... well, here one is.

I know the new TF4 film is coming soon, and I believe toys get "shelf date release" May 17 - over the last week, I've seen a few leaks at Wal-Mart and Toysrus - today I saw the below, and snapped a pic:


Thoughts? Anyone here interested in this line? Or do you like the "old school" Transformer designs (Generations, etc.) or just skip this stuff altogether?

My son likes Transformers some - mostly the 1980s cartoons and those designs - he's got a somewhat extensive collection - about 20 or so Transformers all together. His gem is the Grimlock vs. Bruticus set, which Santa gave him for Christmas.

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By YAK_Jayson
I am liking some of the Dinobots from TF4... but I am more of a Generations fan.
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By YAK_Chewie
Wow, this line looks like a dud - at least from my perspective.

I went by TRU yesterday, they had their stuff out - not a single Decepticon. Tons of "action feature" figures for $12.99 which look pretty weak - some deluxes for $14.99 (both Dinobots had already sold) - and the big $45 Grimlock had sold - the stuff that appeals to both kids and adults seemed to be the only items that had sold at all - none of the kiddie toys appeared to have moved.

So then I went to Wal-Mart - they didn't even have a spot for stuff. Nothing there.

I then picked up my son, and we went to Target - they had stuff there - he didn't find any of it interesting, except for the Grimlock figure... and of course, no Decepticons there either. My son even saw the Slug and Scorn Dinobots and thought they looked weird. He asked me why they were red.

Hasbro -- call me crazy -- but I think you very well may have put a potentially amazing movie toy line in a tough situation for retailers. I assume the deluxe figures will do fairly well - most Dinobot stuff will probably move at retail - but to not have Galvatron on shelves right off the bat? And at least one supporting Decepticon? I don't get the logic here.

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By YAK_Chewie
valdacarr wrote:They are coming....maybe the on the street date of May 17th

Have you seen Decepticons in stores yet?

Back in early July, I saw a Galvatron at one Toys"R"us - almost bought it but my son decided he wanted Minecraft stuff instead. I haven't see any sign of a Decepticon at all since then.

Hasbro, you sucked this line up... big time.

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By YAK_Chewie
My son wanted some Transformer stuff for Christmas this year, and got some cool stuff.

- Jetfire Leader Class
- Grimlock Leader Class
- Bulkhead ($25 version)
- Drift ($25 version)
- Snarl (Dinobot)
- Shrapnel (Insecticon)
- Sky Bite (Predacon)

Pretty cool stuff but he hasn't played with them much yet. He set them up with his others in his collection and only played with them for maybe 30 minutes so far.

On any note, I saw this today at Target -


It was the only new figure they had, so someone else must have gotten the others. It range up on sale for $11.99. Scanner said none in stockroom.

I know they are making some really cool combiner figures this year, and looks like the adult collector line is going to rock. I almost bought that figure and saved it for a gift for him, but I want to wait and see if he starts showing more interest in this stuff or not.

I know what he DOES want - a modern G1 Devastator... hopefully they reveal one soon.

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By StooperZero
Seriously would like a more adult collect appeal in TF stuff, a modernized G1 Devastator is on my top list too VS paying $600+ for the pimped out one.

I do like the new Blitzwing . :mrgreen:

or go to BBTS and salivate over $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TF stuff with 100,000 POA
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By YAK_Chewie

^ Upcoming Combiner Wars Devastator is amazing. My son almost fainted when he saw it... which his awesome. He likes Transformers, but EVERY TIME he plays, he says he wishes he had Devastator... well, Christmas 2015 should be good to him.

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By YAK_Chewie

^ Saw those at Walmart yesterday. Will probably pick up the Prime for my son at some point.

Nice to see Hasbro taking the Combiner Wars lineup seriously, putting good effort into it. Also funny that the kids seem to like the adult line more - which I think is true across most of Hasbro's products (something they will never understand).

By dj121
I've been able to track down the three Aerialbots that are out right now. Never got to complete the set back in the G1 days, so I'm not missing out this time around!

Not too impressed with the 15.00 price tag, but Hasbro Toy Shop has the price set for 17. That new Devastator looks amazing! I'll have to try and track that down as well.
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By Darth Vlad's Clone
I definitely want Devy as well... I wish they would also come out with Bruticus... I loved the Combaticons and had the originals until a few years ago and sold them.... definitely had seller's remorse afterwards.
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