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By Jodo
Is anyone else having a super hard time finding these 6 inch figures? One walmart in my area stocked them, and it just so happened that I didn't have any cash on me. When I came back everything was gone. I bought two of the blasters for my Halloween costume, but aside from that I've seen a very limited selection of GOTG stuff.
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By Paulskywalker
I've only seen the tiny figure two packs, which i'm assuming is Hasbro's next move for replacing 3/34 inch SW.
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By Jodo
Don't say that! :p I ended up buying Peter Quill on Amazon a few days ago for $16; I couldn't pass up saving some money. I did finally se the others in Walmart/Target (save for Rocket), and the paint apps weren't too great on them. I'd prefer to cherry pick them, so hopefully I see some that look good soon.
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By Jodo
Where did you find the Rebels vehicles at? I think I'm going to hit up Target tomorrow for sure now! Edwardsville Walmart did receive a case of GOTG figures last week, but only Iron Man was left when I got there.
By zedhatch
I only wanted Rocket and got lucky on Evilbay cause I guess the guy only wanted the Groot peice, but man he is small. Love him though.
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By Jodo
I stopped by Target after class Monday, and to my surprise they had restocked the 6 inch Guardians figures! Out of like 12 on the pegs they only had one Rocket, so I picked up him and Nova (for the Build-A-Figure piece). Which meant I was also able to finish Groot! He leaned some new words to greet my girlfriend when she got home from work that night!



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