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By surgeopressor
So, I've been ambivilating over these after spotting the stock yesterday at my TRU. Something feels so so wrong about them, especially at $3.99 a pop. Yet, I don't quite understand why I feel the need to grab a few as ..cough.. stocking stuffers. Thoughts? Anyone else seen the line?

By zedhatch
Snagged the Vader, will get R2 at some point, but those are the only one's that interest me so far.
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By Niktom
I got one (R2) today as a secret santa gift. I've looked at them a few times at Wal-Mart, sadly... that's the only Star Wars toys my Wal-Mart has. The price is really hard to swallow for such a small car. Reminds me of the line of SW cars you can get at Disney... just over priced small cars. They look good... just not that good.
By stroebel83
the tusken raider looks awesome!
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By Paulskywalker
There are some more details on playsets and a carry case on Entertainment Earth, some have pictures. Not seen these reported, only know of the cars, ships and the Death Star track. Oh and there are Marvel sets too.
By stroebel83
I've seen the x-wing deathstar set
if they do ship styled cars
It'd be cool to see like a sandcrawler hotrod or something
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By darth_sidious
Found the first wave of ships at Target as well - I only bought the Ghost, but the Falcon was very tempting. I decided to wait until they release an episode VII Falcon with modifications. I imagine they'll use the same mold with a different dish, and perhaps some altered deco. What a great sculpt though - better than the Ghost to be honest.
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