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By Jodo
Has anyone checked these miniature games out? Armada should be out soon, which I think I might buy a few of, but X-Wing has been tempting me a lot here lately. I'm a fan of capital ships and appropriate scale, and Armada seems to be doing a decent job on keep relative scale between the fighters and capital ships.

I think both look fun to play, but I'd be more inclined to collect them like I did the WOTC miniatures than sit down and do the game.
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By YAK_Chewie
Have not collected any of this stuff (save for some WOTC minis I bought for my son at a collector shop a few years ago).

The details and all that are always amazing - I don't see how they can paint stuff so well, yet Hasbro paint schemes often look so weak by comparison.

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By Jodo
Has anyone checked these out yet? My friend Matt asked me if I'd be willing to go in on half of an Armada core set (Around $65) with him, which surprised me because not only have neither of us table top gamed, but he is also brand new to Star Wars. I think we've decided to purchase a core set, as well as a few extra capital ships and fighter packs.

I saw over on RS they're also planning a Gozanti for the X-Wing scale game. That's by far one of my favorite ship designs, so I might just have to get that...

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By darth_sidious
Both of these games have some awesome minis - but some are more like models, a bit too big for my tastes - not to mention pricey. I have all the WOTC / SSB mini ships, but never got into these. I'm hoping the MM / Titanium lines cover all these ships as well. A Rebels Gozanti in the Titanium line would be great.
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By Jodo
I used to do the WOTC minis as well, and that is honestly one thing holding me back on this line. I have several capital ships from the Star Ship Battles line, and I'd feel like I was repurchasing the same items. I know these items have much better paint apps and the scale is more to my liking (though still pretty relative)...
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By Jodo
Well, unexpectedly my mom offered to purchase me something online, so I ended up ordering the core set, and a few other ships. By chance I checked CoolStuffInc yesterday, and they were running a 24 sale on the core set for $55, so that was really nice! I'm really stoked to play this game now!
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