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By darthmac
Anyone get in on that amazing Stormtrooper Kit deal? $350 + shipping for a complete Stormtrooper costume (only missing boots). I pulled the trigger, although I'll be a little tall for a stormtrooper! I'll also have to get a tall mannequin to display it in my collection room.
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By Jodo
I in NO WAY had the money for this, but was able to pull the trigger thanks to a few donations from some certain grandparents! It was an amazing deal that very few costumers I know passed up. Even people just moderately interested in costuming got on board, which I thought was pretty cool.
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By darthmac
It was an insanely great deal for a Stormtrooper costume!
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By darthmac
My set arrived a couple of weeks ago. I'm taking my time on the build, so not much to post yet. I've done most of the rough cutting, now just slowly chipping away at the finer cuts.
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By The Professor
Jodo wrote:I still haven't received my kit yet. I ordered May 2, and just checked my status, which is still unfulfilled. I thought the shipping schedule listed this week of February as my shipping date...

Have you received it yet? I would love to hear a review once you get it.
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By Jodo
Yep, I received it around the beginning of March! I've yet to trim any of the pieces, but I think the overall quality of the parts are really nice. I'll take some pictures next time I'm home for sure! I had actually forgotten it the holster was included, as well as the neck seal, so that was awesome. The only thing you really need is a weapon (I have a E-11 and a DLT-19), and then the boots.

My only real complaint is the helmet's build. I think I could have done a much better job putting the kit together, but the helmet comes pre-built. For mine the eyes need to be shaped up, the black rubber trim needs to be re-cut because it's way too long, and the ears are barely touching the helmet overall. I also own a MR CE helmet that I got for $50 way back when, and it's built much better than the Anovas bucket.
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