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RS have revealed the first pictures of the gift set version of the Disney Store 6 inch die cast action figures. They look really good so far.
Anyone buying these? Collecting?

I've picked up three so far and only opened one.

I have the Fett and Stormtrooper for my respective character collections. Ended up getting the K2 because I enjoyed the character so much in the movie and opted for the Elite since it was only $8 more than the 6" Black Series and actually made of metal.

I have to say... I felt like I got so much more for my additional $8. And right now, many of them are even on sale for just $14.99 which makes them an amazing deal compared to the Hasbro counterpart.

I did find K2's joint to be very tight and the range of motion not super fantastic on the articulation. Granted, this could just be that particular figure too.

Curious to hear other experiences out there with these.
While not part of the Die cast figures while I was in Orlando I swung by the Disney in the Florida Mall. I ordered both Vader and the Death Trooper from the Disney store's website but I thought about getting a second Vader and the DT. I picked up the Death Trooper but Vader was not there. I opened the figure last night when I got my stuff from Orlando and wow I am impressed. Very nice figure. Maybe not Sideshow quality but still have nice. Love the articulation.
I really had no intention of collecting these... until my wife got me a mini-haul at the Disney store this week. The single die cast figs are only $10 right now so I got Rey, Baze and Chirrut, plus we picked up the droid gift pack with C-3PO, R2 and BB-8. I'll try to post some pics as I unbox - the droids are on display already and R2 in particular looks fantastic. (I believe only the "dirty" BB-8 is exclusive to this set.)

99% sure I'm heading back after work tomorrow to pick through some more singles while the sale's still on.
I was at the Disney Store in Times Square last month and these were all over the store. Plenty of product, which is nice to see for a change. I didn't buy any. I glanced over the Rogue One figures and was really disappointed with the face sculpts of the human characters. Hasbro does a better job in that respect. The Disney ones didn't look close at all.
When me and my "not girlfriend" were at the Galleria Mall in St. Louis last month, we were looking at these and I thought about getting some of the RO figures. Today, my other "not girlfriend" sent me a picture from the Disney Story in Orlando, and they had 10 inch premium versions of some RO figures. It looked like they were comparable to the Hot Toys figures in size (but not necessarily quality). She just called and said she had picked me up the Death Trooper one for $11.98. :shock:

The weird thing is, I was super SUPER close to ordering the Hot Toys Death Trooper Specialist last night, and almost bit the bullet when I found it for under $250 shipped. I thought I probably better not lay that much cash down (especially with the GTP walls and such being produced). Plus, that would be straining my budget for the Summer, so this was an amazing alternative for less than $12. The quality obviously won't be up to par with the Hot Toys counter part, but it's also like 5% of the price. :lol:
When I was at the Disney store, I thought about how you could take the smaller 6 inch Elite figure's webbing gear and use it on the Hasbro TBS figure, so I almost had her pick me up one of those as well just so I could use its gear! :lol:
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