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As the odd person might know i collect historical Playmobil sets and the odd other theme. Now they've took a leaf out of Lego's book and announced their first licensed product. Playmobil Ghostbusters due 2017. Someone posted in a comments box that they are hoping for Playmobil Star Wars sets. Now question is would you buy them? Playmobil like Lego make high quality sets, using quality plastics, full of accessories and plenty for your money. Oh and they make buildings in their playsets so you'd be guaranteed a Death Star etc. So??
Yeah they're just a bit smaller than Sw figures. I've used Playmobil playsets, parts and terrain in some of my SW pictures in the past. If they made SW sets they'd be roughly a good size for 3 3/4 inch. With the Ghostbusters, i'm expecting a fire station so will see what happens there. I'm guessing they'll do Ecto 1, fire station, Staff puff monster and then sets based on other scenes, like Slimer and the demon dogs.
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