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By my kind of scum
darthmac wrote:GTP emailed out updates today, did you see it?

I did, thanks. Good to see them send out an update even if it is a longer wait now. The clip/modular design looks cool, though.
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By YAK_Chewie
Chatted with the GTP gang last night... they had expected to start shipping those 3.75" walls this week, but instead they are being painted this week. They said they have what they hope is the final inspection on Monday, May 15. If the inspection passes, they can start shipping right away.

Basically, they are doing what they think is the right thing to do in ensuring the quality is there before processing orders. They are investing a ton of time and finances into doing this right as a professional company.

So I would say please be patient. It's going to all be worth it.

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By YAK_Chewie
The guys at GTP-Toys were kind enough to pass along an update... in short, after some delays, the 3.75" walls are ready and will be shipping immediately - with shipping ramping up next week (I actually received a shipping notice today)!

As for the delays, when they get samples on the 3.75" walls, the samples have been great.... but after the samples, they have had some problems. These guys have their customers' product in their interest and are very dedicated to quality control. While they could have shipped product earlier, it did not meet the standards that they believe their customers deserve.

Hence the delays... there were times when some of the product appeared warped, discolored, marks on some panels here and there that shouldn't be there, etc. And they just didn't want to disappoint the people who had paid them for the product. So they push back on the factory as needed, and have personally inspected the product before green lighting shipments. As you can see, this is a very drawn out process and they invest a ton of time and $$ into this... so we need to all keep that mind when considering what we are paying - this doesn't come cheap or easy for them...

To cut it short, these guys care. Here's a handful of images they passed along...

^ Boxes ready to be stuffed with 3.75" walls!

^ Some sort of schematic showing design on the "tabs" to connect the 3.75" walls.

^ Illustrating some sort of problem on 3.75" light panels... not bad in my opinion, but these guys are perfectionists!

^ 3.75" lighting panels after passing quality inspection.


^ Production of walls, and painting... these are 6" walls that are curved, and will be up for order before long... hopefully they make these in 3.75" too!


^ Inspection of 6" curved walls that are coming soon, and a closer look at them.

All in all, amazing stuff that their existing 6" customers can attest to... and now the 3.75" wait is almost over.

Thanks again to the great guys at GTP-Toys for keeping us in the loop and providing this amazing product to the community.

Ready to order? Just head here.

You really should. :)

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By darthmac
I got my shipping notice today also! Being 8 months since I placed my order, I was really starting to get very concerned about this ever shipping ala Galactic merchants and the sub par tantive walls I got (at least they eventually shipped). They have been really good about giving updates, although they had to be prompted a few times (I feel a monthly update for items that have not shipped is a bare minimum customer service standard). Really looking forward to getting mine.
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By YAK_Chewie
I get what you mean, but with these guys I didn't have any doubts considering they are already successful with their 6" line and these guys are 100% legit. They were going to make it happen.

They have been pretty good in my opinion with Facebook updates, but I can see why they didn't want to give an update every month when they might be repeating themselves. I don't recall them having a "promise by" date on any of their product but I do understand where you're coming from.

On any note, by this time next week it looks like we'll both have our sets, and a lot of other people will too! I hope people post lots of pics and we are all as happy with these as people have been with the 6" walls.

Of note, they have quietly added a cool 3.75" accessory set for pre-order...

Image ... category=0

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By Lance Quazar
Looking awesome! Please share more pics once you get 'em. Glad to see they're adding more 3.75" items, but we NEED those "elevators" and the blast doors!

Please, PLEASE! Get on this!

(I may need to sell off a couple of my bulky Owen pieces to buy these more streamlined versions. No offense, Owen!)
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By Jodo
They're also not accepting any more orders on the 3.75 walls. I wanted to use that 40th anniversary coupon to get some more, but alas.
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By darthmac
As far as I can tell none of them have shipped. They are all in pre-shipment status, which means the post office has not received them yet. I received my shipping notice on the 19th, are here on the 30th they have not shipped. This is not good customer service. Very frustrated.
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