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By Niktom
Anyone else doing Smuggler's Bounty?

I'm not a big pop vinyl person (only owned two before subscribing) and really hadn't gone after very many Funko products but have really enjoyed getting these boxes.

I purchased the Bounty Hunter when I subscribed and have since received the Jabba's Palace, Death Star, and Rogue One. Anxiously awaiting the Empire Strikes Back box.

I did a year with Loot Crate but decided it was pretty much a waste since there was very little Star Wars to it and I just don't collect anything else. About the only redeeming quality of it was the occasional t-shirt.

I feel like I've gotten my money's worth with Smuggler's Bounty.

So far, my favorite items have been:

Fett pop vinyl from the Bounty Hunter box
Death Star luggage tag from the Death Star box
Jabba mug from the Jabba's Palace Box
R2 pop vinyl from the Jabba's Palace Box
The pins, they look great grouped together

Nice!! What a great gift!

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