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By YAK_Chewie
Looks to me like Mattel has put the final nail in the extinction coffin on Hasbro's past Jurassic World line by making product that should appeal to both kids and adults. The quality looks fantastic and this just blows Hasbro's line out of the water. I can not wait to show these to my son!




More pics here: ... n-kingdom/

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By YAK_Chewie
Jodo wrote:LOL :lol:

I can't wait for this line!!!! It takes me back to my childhood, but now with more articulation!

Yep, something Hasbro failed to capitalize on... if the companies end up merging (as rumored) it's probably a good thing Mattel got this movie line in before that happened.

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By darthapathy
Looks like some of my action figure dollars will be going to Mattel this year if these are at a decent price point. Of course if they're under $12 or so, they will be a definite purchase.
By UKHistory
Not to be downer...but do these look closer to avatar scale than true Star Wars size? Hope not because they look good otherwise as wonderful additions.
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By Jodo
I genuinely cannot wait to see this line in stores. I've set aside about $100 to get stuff when the product launches. The gallimimus is one of my favorite dinosaurs, and I never got the original release as a kid. I will be hard pressed to only get a few. The Jeep Wrangler is also one of my favorite things from my childhood. I may make an impulse buy and purchase the other toy Jeep if it's immediately available. I could also make it Nedry's covered Jeep I guess, given it has the stupid play feature on it.

Mattel has also posted several of the items on their website for sale: ... PageSize:&

So far, my list is:

- Basic Owen figure
- Basic Merc. figure
- Owen + Blue Story Pack
- Raptor + Gallimimus Pack
- Gallimimus X3
- Baryonyx
- Mosasaurus
- Eventually, the diecast Jeep when it's available...

And whichever T-Rex scales better to that vehicle. (Which one do you guys think would? I've heard the cheaper Rex is around 21 inches long, and the Colossal Rex is around 36 inches. I would presume a properly scaled 3.75 Rex would be around 25 inches though, given her 40 ft length.)

Nice!! What a great gift!

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