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By Jodo
darthvlad wrote:You need to finish the first crossover PN first! ;)

Don't remind me! LOL.

I have a photographed chapter that was done in October for the main series, but I know it'll be another three weeks before I can get back to it. And since it's been so long, should I wait and shoot the Halloween special in a couples months for Halloween? :lol: :|
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By darthapathy
Jodo wrote:




I'm not saying a really big crossover photonovel is on my to-do list...BUT.... :lol:

Those look awesome. I remember some concern if they were within scale of Star Wars figures. I see that they are. Is Dr. Grant's hat removable? If not, it would make a great custom head for an Indiana Jones figure.
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By Jodo
No, the hats aren't removable, sadly.

Honestly, the figure is really good for $7. Considering the comparative costs of Star Wars figures, you get 10 points of articulation with these, an accessory, AND a compy. That's a major win in my book. I wish the hats were removable, and I also would have preferred the wrists to at least swivel, but given the chances of this line ever even happening, I'll take it all as it's given.

If they made the sauropods (Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus) in 3.75 scale, as well as the Tour Ford Explorer vehicles, I can guarantee I would die happy. That's all I have ever wanted toys of, and I would jump at the chance for those. It was all I could do but not literally play with that Jeep once I opened it.
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By darthapathy
YAK_Chewie wrote:
Oh and the ball joints on them are true ball joints.


Sweet. May have to pick up some of the figures to use as custom fodder. Heads will come in handy for Star Wars customs, bodies not sure yet.
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By StooperZero
i was at a target the other day and the sheer amount of dinos they pit out for this is amazing. The detail on them is stunning as well for the price point.

That big t-rex is $50 at walmart........ I just might have to .
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