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I've been gathering reference for those LT2 droids ever since the first one appeared in Rogue One. I'll flick you an e-mail tomorrow with everything I have so far. I had intended to have a crack at making one, and I believe Francisco of Asis Models is making one, too.

In terms of scale, the dome is the same diameter as that of a standard R2 droid, as confirmed to me by Lee Towersley, who built the droid seen in the films.
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By Raylen
NEW ITEM AVAILABLE!!! I love droids, so here's another one. The "Astro-bot" is a three piece kit measuring approximately 2.25" high.

Astrobot1 web.jpg
Astrobot1 web.jpg (19.08 KiB) Viewed 2627 times

Astrobot2 web.jpg
Astrobot2 web.jpg (21.03 KiB) Viewed 2627 times
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By Raylen
YAK_Chewie wrote:Snoke's throne order has been placed.

I am probably going to make new custom Emperor and Snoke to hang out in their new seats.


Thanks Chewie. BTW, I shot you an interesting email.
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By Raylen
I'd like to mention that I will soon be launching a crowd funding campaign to have some of my parts produced via injection molding. More details to come.
Got your email on that, sounds interesting.

I get it that you're looking for more of the smaller items to start off.

If you want any ideas for the crowd funding, here's a couple that I have:

- Death Star-esque barrels
- simple droids inspired by the Solo movie "battle bots"

I think the droid ones (if that's doable) will get the most support and help because people always seem eager to buy stuff like that - like a core body w/ alternate legs and domes!

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By Raylen
well, I can't do anymore besides what i have already budgeted. That'll cost enough as is! LOL But some of the contributor higher end perks would require me to make some new parts not previously offered (in resin).
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By Raylen
If you’re interested in the future of our diorama parts, the crowd funding campaign, or even have some questions, please join me for a live stream at our Youtube channel here It will be this Thursday (August 9th) and 9pm Eastern Standard Time. I’ll be discussing where we’ve been, where we’re going, and more about the crowd fund. Please also subscribe to the channel as I hope to add more content in the future. Also if you have Facebook, please like our page there.
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