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Added some grassy stuff to it last night... this took a while!

First, I covered the base with watery glue. Then, I added on the green flock (Woodland Scenics). After it dried, I shook off the excess flock, and then I used a water bottle and sprayed on more watery glue... a lot. And then added more flock. Finally I added a spray of dullcoat to help hold it down.

This morning, it's looking okay. Not great, but decent enough to where I feel it's going in the right direction. My next step will be to scrape off a few areas of the grass where I shouldn't have put it, and then I'm going to add more color tones to this - a lot of browns. I want areas to look muddy and nasty.

After I get that done, I'll share some more pics before I begin the next phase of this where I start adding vines, trees and other junk.

The pics also show a Luke and Yoda for a sense of scale... but this isn't going to be Dagobah. And sorry the pics are bad, these are from my camera.
dio7.JPG (48.13 KiB) Viewed 3586 times
dio6.JPG (62.37 KiB) Viewed 3586 times
Thanks bud - that's the goal... to make this versatile, so I can move it around and have modular scenery on it to look like it's more than just one location in my photonovels.

So, last night, I added in some color patterns to it. I need to touch up a few areas but I'm liking the direction it's taking. I also painted a "background" which will be behind quite a few real life trees/etc. That background will hopefully blend in once all the elements are together and won't be too noticeable as a painting.

Next up - touch up a few spots on the ground (like those white dots), seal it one more time, then start adding in some plants, vines, etc. Some will be fixed into place, but I'll also have a lot of flexibility by having some be modular.

dio9.JPG (76.29 KiB) Viewed 3572 times
dio8.JPG (63.3 KiB) Viewed 3572 times
You painted the background??? WOW!!!!!

Yeah, I think adding in those extra elements will help......really great watching this come together. The terrain is looking very cool!

Reminds me a bit of this build a rama piece, which, unfortunately, is made for 1;32 figures and would probably be too small (especially considering the price!) to do much with 1:18 scale. ... p_32.shtml

Keep up the great work!
Been a while since I worked on a diorama.. but I am forced to get something new made to complete my next photonovel chapter! Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on...


A couple years ago, someone on the RS forums with a laser cutter sold some cut out scenes like this... I sat on these for well over a year before gluing the walls together... I never understood the instructions that the seller provided for making them the way intended, so I went with my own direction. I think for what I'm doing, it will turn out okay!

Beautiful work as always!!! The backgrounds and figures in your photo novels always look so professional. I really love the paintwork as well, you always give your sets that gritty realism the screams Star Wars! Fantastic!
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