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My work is killing me which is the biggest reason for the delay...

I also reworked that diorama some more over the weekend by adding about 20 more trees and more shrubs/etc. It really looks better now I think with the additions.

There's still one more diorama that I have to create for the next chapter. I'm a bit stumped on how I'm going to pull it off at the moment...

I should have taken some WIP pics of this.


It's going to be a scene in upcoming photonovel.

It's made mostly from chipboard...

The wires are cheap headphone cords...

The silver boxes on the walls are something that forum my kind of scum sent me...

The pole things are from a moisture vaporator...

The door and wall droid unit is from

The wall texture is just wood glue, spread with a pallet knife then painted...

R2-D2 is just there because he was the closest figure next to me when I snapped the pic.

It has been a while since I updated this thread - I also had posted this in my customs thread, but probably should have posted here.

This is a Tatooine town receiving some First Order guests. I made it for our current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge.






The buildings were made from crafting board, cut/glued together. Then I spread wood glue all over them to make some plaster-esque textures using a basic spackling tool like you'd use for drywall.

After it dried, I did various degrees of painting/weathering. I topped it off with some diorama accessories from and some steel looking grates off of eBay.

Turns out I really learned some new techniques with the buildings through trial and error (which I always feel is the best way to learn this stuff) - which will I'm hoping will get me to a point where I can make a much better cantina playset someday.

Looks really swank (as always). Love the use of the RCA plug on the vaporator.

Soo much you've inspired me to preview some of my up coming creations.

(they have been purposely placed "apart" so you can see them as individual pieces... Well accept the large vaporator, which IS a separate peice)
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