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By The Professor
Please post to this thread to have your diorama added to the index. Include the title, the category, and the URL in your post. If your scene fits into more than one category, I will place it in whatever seems most appropriate.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)
Naboo Starfighter Insert (w.meyles)

Theed City (The Professor)

Boonta Eve Pod Race Arena (Timh603)

Jedi Council Chamber Revised (Brent S)
Jedi Council Chamber (Brent S)

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)

Palpatine's Office (Drewton)
Palpatine's Office (Owen)
Galactic Senate (JediLjf)

Various Geonosis Scenes (Delaton)
Arena (swccmty)
Arena (Darth Kikinou)

The Clone Wars

Various Scenes
Clone Wars Scene (LT BRYLL)
The Drop (DanOfTheDead)

Joust on Muunilist (Darth Kikinou)
Joust on Muunilist Revised (Darth Kikinou)

Battle of Christophsis (punkreject)

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)
Various Scenes (UkkoRunner)

The Invisible Hand
The Invisible Hand (The Professor)

The Galactic Senate (Darth Kikinou)

Kashyyyk Troops (Darth Kikinou)
Kashyyyk (Timh603)

Mygeeto Bridge (CloneCommander1)
Mygeeto Bridge (Josh)
Mygeeto Bridge (Robo-Quack)

Felucia (Timh603)
Felucia and Swamp Speeder (w.meyles)

Alderaan Field (JediLjf)

Episode IV: A New Hope

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)

Jawas (d_j_s)
Lars Garage (Daigo-Bah)
"Look, sir, droids." (hemble)
Lars Garage (Josh)
Jawas Attack (Josh)
Tatooine City (rebelstryker81)
Land of the Jawas (stormtripper)
Luke's Barn (w.meyles)

Han Shoots First in Kubricks (BrentS)
Cantina (jlw515)
Updated Cantina (jlw515)
Cantina WIP (never_ending_fett)
A Tatooine Cantina (rebelstryker81)
Cantina (Shayford)
Mos Eisley/Cantina/Docking Bay 94 (Timh603)

Millennium Falcon
Customized Millennium Falcon (w.meyles)

The Death Star
Gunner Station (darthmac)
Death Star (jlw515)
The Death Star (julianmaurice)
Death Star Hangar (julianmaurice)
Death Star (Owen)
Death Star Hangar Completed (julianmaurice)
Death Star Hallway (rebelstryker81)
Imperial Hangar (rebelstryker81)

Yavin IV
Yavin Hangar (darthmac)
Awards Ceremony (darthwalls)
Yavin Hangar (julianmaurice)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)
Various Scenes (w.meyles)

Hoth Diorama (CUYVALDAR)
Hoth in Real Snow (echobase)
Hoth (Lego)
Rebel Base (lugo_matapolis)
Echo Base (The Professor)
Hoth Echo Base (punkreject)
New Hoth Diorama (Ares X)

Star Destroyer
Vader's Chamber (Timh603)

Dagobah (Droidworld)
Yoda's Hut Created from Vintage Playset (jlw515)
Customized Vintage Dagobah Playset (Timh603)
Dagobah (yodascorch)

Carbon Freezing Chamber (darthmac)
Cloud City WIP (jlw515)
Cloud City WIP (Robo-Quack)

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Various Scenes
Various Scenes (Darth Kikinou)

Death Star II
Emperor's Throne Room (Sarge)
Emperor's Throne Room (Timh603)

Jabba's Palace Band (Daigo-Bah)
Jabba's Trophy (Daigo-Bah)
Jabba's Trophy (I-am-Boba-Fett)
Sarlaac Pit and Barge (Josh)
Sail Barge (lugo_matapolis)
Jabba's Dungeon (Timh603)

Rebel Fleet
Rebel Briefing (Daigo-Bah)

Battle of Endor (hemble)
Speeder Bike Chase (Incom)
Han, Don't! It'll Be All Right! (YAK_Jayson)
Ewok Village (jlw515)
Rebel Forest Outpost (julianmaurice)
Endor Landing Platform (julianmaurice)
Endor (sithlord73)
Customized Vintage Ewok Village (Timh603)

Expanded Universe
Capture of Ko Sai (Incom)
SW:TOR "Deceived" (Incom)
"Purge" Comic Diorama (lugo_matapolis)
Rogue Squadron Rebel Base (Luke Sprywalker)

Miscellaneous/Fan Fiction
Agen Kolar at Geonosis with Clones (blaster_e11)
Imperial Gathering (blaster_e11)
UPG Concept Building (BrentS)
Gardulla the Hutt's Palace (BrentS)
Droid Junkyard (Yak_Chewie)
Cantina Club (Darth Kikinou)
Comedy Club (Darth Kikinou)
Jungle (Darth Kikinou)
Battlefield (DARTH MALICOR)
Imperial Command Shelter (Darth Nirvana)
Boryla Sector Scenics (Docoutlands)
Mechanical Bay (Hawkeye)
Last Droid Standing (Incom)
Crashed TIE (Incom)
Speeder and Droid Repair Shop (jedistyle)
Planet Gendorn, the City of Zaruii, & Its Imperial Outpost (jedistyle)
Imperial Outpost (jedistyle)
Imperial Outpost (Josh)
10 Minute Diorama (julianmaurice)
Nature's Diorama (julianmaurice)
Aging Obi-Wan in the Tatooine Wastes (punkreject)
Mos Sirius Courtyard (punkreject)
HAPPY NEW YEAR (shayford)
Fourth of July with Clones (Squirepec7)
Outdoor Shots (Squirepec7)
Imperial Base (stormtripper)
Chewbacca's Bedroom (stormtripper)
Outpost (stormtripper)

Indiana Jones
Chamber of the Crystal Skull (gargan123)
Indiana Jones Museum (Lance Quazar)
Raiders Jungle (LukeSprywalker)
The Raven Bar (LukeSprywalker)
Kali Temple (StarconstruX)

Non-Star Wars
GI-Joe in Woods (blaster_e11)
GI-Joe Terror Dome (Yak_Chewie)
Aircraft Carrier Celebration (Darth Kikinou)

Multiple Scenes
Photonovel Dioramas (Yak_Chewie)
Various Scenes (gargan123)
More Scenes (gargan123)
Joolz's Dioramas (julianmaurice)
Sets from Yak's Pub (niktom)
Paul's Dioramas (Paulskywalker)
Revisions and WIPs (The Professor)
Various Dioramas (shayford)
Photonovel Dioramas (Squirepec7)
Thanks, DK. It was a lot of work and very tedious, but I'm happy with the results. Hopefully, people will come here again (and hopefully the urls don't change any time soon). Also, be sure to check out some of your older dioramas. A lot of the links were dead.

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