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By DanOfTheDead
Ha! Awesome. I liked it, then saw the "fired up" version and LOVED IT!


Annoying question:
Who's coat did you use for Toht there?
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By The Professor
I was going to say, "Needs some fire." Then, I saw the rest of the pictures! Great job with it all. I miss the IJ line. Is the fire made from hot glue by any chance?
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By jedistyle
wow, great raven has that real-world grity feel and has a great scale. amazing work! :)
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By YAK_Chewie
Wow that's cool... completely recognizeable too. Great work all around... you make some of the most enjoyable and original dioramas around.

Love the fire effects and the rail on the steps... that must have been a pain to build.

By Luke Sprywalker
Wow thanks for featuring my and Lances dio on the front page! Just to give a little more info there is a bit more to the dio. I made it similar to a movie set as it is modular and 2 sided. This is the other side of the dio...







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By Darth_Cuddles
Awesome work, Luke! I absolutely love the fire effects! Nice!

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