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By RookieOne
So, this project began as a simple attempt to build a photo backdrop for some custom figures, but as I researched building techniques, I got inspired and the project turned into something much, much bigger. I decided I wanted an entire street scene to show off those customs, and since the figures weren't based on anything actually in the movies, I didn't want the diorama to be either. I wanted a generic spaceport inspired by the ones seen in the movies. As it turns out, Disney is building something exactly like that with their new Star Wars-land (sorry, "Galaxy's Edge"), so I decided to base my scene on some of their concept art. So here's the beginning of Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. This is eventually going to fill a 12"x36" shelf in my bookcase, and besides this first building will also include a docking bay, shop, common area with landscaping, and possibly more if I can fit it in.

This first building is one of the smaller ones in the Diorama. It's based on this building seen in the model of the theme park:

I started by framing the building out of cardboard and styrofoam. I'm going to need walls to hide the sides of the bookcase, so I went ahead and started making an ancient crumbling wall by carving some rocks in a sheet of wood with a dremel.

Next I covered both the building and the wall with concrete patch. I forgot to take a picture of the wall at this stage, so here's just the building, pre-sanding:

While I was waiting on the concrete patch to dry so I could sand and paint it, I built a food vendor's stall to attach to the side. It's balsa-wood and bamboo skewers with a canopy made from plaster bandage. The hanging fish came from two Gragra figures, the other meats include claws from Dice Ibegon, the head and tail of a comic pack ysalamiri, and a tail from an Indiana Jones snake. The crate of red fruits is a miniature I found at the craft store, and everything else is modeling clay.

Here's the wall and building after the concrete patch was sanded and painted, minus weathering and a door:

And here it all is finished and in place on the shelf, along with a second wall that I didn't take any progress pictures of. The door on the house isn't very visible in this picture, but it's one of Raylen's spaceport doors, and the one on the wall is one of his dungeon doors. Anybody recognize the little beige alien making a guest appearance here?

There's more to come. I'll probably start working on the shop next.
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By RookieOne
I've made quite a bit of progress on this lately, but I kept forgetting to take pictures while I was working on it. I keep thinking of more things I want to add, so this is turning into a multi-shelf project, but the first level is finished:

Moving from left to right, first we see the food vendor, who I've already shown. You can see I changed the layout of this corner from my original idea. I realized it made more sense for the door of the house to open straight onto the street:

To the right is just sort of an open common area. The planter in the back is not attached to anything, so in the future I may pull it out and put another market stall there instead:

Next is Dok-Ondar's antique and curio shop. There are a lot of little easter eggs in this area:
(In the second picture, I imagine Maz in haggling with Dok-Ondar over the price of the holocron on the table behind them.)

Moving upward, the top of the shop serves as Black Spire Spaceport landing pad 42, currently leased to the Star Tours Corporation. Here a crew member consults with Captain Rex before their next flight:

And on the other side of the ship another crew member shows a maintenance droid where the engine was having some trouble:

So that's it for shelf one. Next I'll probably build the cantina, which is going to be the centerpiece of shelf two.
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By Utinniii
It is looking really fantastic. You can never have just one...

shelf. Soon you will want an entire bookcase!
I like the garden area asthat is something that is often overlooked in a dio.
By jaghearse
Figures collecting figures!! Shut me down!
Absolutely wonderful and immersive set of photos.
I'm sure there may have been a few tears but I'll bet you had a lot of fun putting this all together.
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By master_phruby
Makes me wish we did our Ultimate Group Project version of this. :wink:
By Lance Quazar
This is truly spectacular! I love the shop and its assorted knicknacks, the "Star Tours" station is inspired (EXCELLENT repaint of the TNG shuttle) and the whole place is full of imaginative ideas and fantastic craftsmanship (so many great custom figures!)

This is everything I love about the hobby. Awesome work, can't wait to see this evolve. I wonder, will your version of "Black Spire" be finished before Disney's? ;)
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By RookieOne
Thanks everyone! I had some time this weekend to build the cantina, and I got it mostly painted tonight. I wanted to make it distinct from the Mos Eisley cantina, so I'm using outlander club furnishings. I've got the other half of the bar coming in the mail, because I've lost mine somewhere. (I know I had it at one point because that end came with Elan Sleazbaggano, and I've got him out in the pile of figures to go in the diorama.)
I still want to paint a little grime on the floor and walls, and add some more pipes to the drink dispenser and some cushions to the dejarik alcove seats. Once I get the bar fully installed, I may put in some of the bar stools from the cantina multi-packs if there's enough room. I'm also going to be building a roof with built in lighting, because the shelf this will be on is a little more in shadow than the other one and I don't want the alcoves to be totally dark.
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