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By darthmac
I've had this one on my to do list for quite a while. I have two of the old Ikea bertby display cases, and I've always wanted to create mini background diorama pieces to go in it. This diorama piece is wood construction with 3d printed parts. Enjoy!


Humble beginnings


Entance built, first 3d parts and windows cut out.


Overlay and more 3d parts


More 3d parts

Tank treat going on


Clean treads

First layers of weathering




Almost there...


3d printed stairs



StooperZero wrote:nice!

did you print the tank treads or use rubber belting ?

All the treads were 3D printed. I found the model on thingiverse. Each tread is attached to the next with a cut down paper clip.
That looks really great! Looks better than the new Disney toy.
Sandcrawlers are hard because of their size. They have to be either severely underscaled or be just the treads. There is also the problem of which scale to use, RC model (gigantic) or set piece. Like you, I prefer the set piece.

Thingiverse is such a cool resource.
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