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By YAK_Jayson
Fine by me. Disney/LFL need to focus resources on Episode VII, no need to muddy the focus with post-conversion. Hasbro must be pissed as all get out getting jerked around by altering release dates (GIJOE, AOTC 3D, ROTS 3D).
By jlw515
This is probably the safest bet for Disney/Lucasfilm right now. We've already seen these movies before, and I'd be curious as to how well other 3-D rereleases have done (Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., etc.). There may not be a market for 3-D rereleases. I know I wasn't very excited about any of the 3-D SW news. Now with the announcement of Ep. 7 & JJ Abrams it seems like everything else is just left in the dust.

Well, I'm hoping this news totally changes Hasbro's direction. They need to stick with what works i.e. 3-3/4" action figures and those new kiddie toys (can't think of their name). Don't waste time with 6" collectibles and "Angry Birds."

It will definitely be interesting to see how Hasbro handles the news and what they say at Toy Fair.

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By Trooper31
I was looking forward to taking my daughters to see the OT in the cinema.

Hopefully, Hasbro knew about this in advance and we don't have to wait even longer for new figures.
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