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By darth_frisco
from supershadow.com


Star Wars Episode 10 x
Full Movie Title: Star Wars Episode 10 - Realm of Light
Theatrical Release Date: May 2043
Story Idea: George Lucas

Star Wars Episode 11 xi
Full Movie Title: Star Wars Episode 11 - Arrival of Shadow Blade
Theatrical Release Date: May 2046
Story Idea: George Lucas

Star Wars Episode 12 xii
Full Movie Title: Star Wars Episode 12 - Secrets of the Orb
Theatrical Release Date: May 2049
Story Idea: George Lucas
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By Captain Pierce
This is all a little made up no offense but its kinda true i mean look at the release dates :roll: Highly doubt this is more than a rumor
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By raziel
:roll: you do realise that Theo posted this nearly 2 years ago?

We have far more info now thanks to the tv series being produced what with magazine interviews etc.
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By Captain Pierce
No I actually wouldn't know sorry...Because my dates messed up so yeah :lol:
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By JediJman
Kind of fun to think about them filiming later episodes, but having titles set is a dead giveaway. I seem to recall Lucas having a tough time deciding on titles for most of his films ahead of time.
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By Captain Pierce
Yeah wasn't there a last minute change on the return of the jedi, i believe they changed it from revenge of the jedi because jedi don't deal in revenge or something like that
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By Clone_5X
I think he was just joking lol.

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