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By zedhatch
Sylexus wrote:I noticed a few interesting things:

Anakin never tells the Trade Fed. to shut off the battle droids, before he can tend to that padme arrives and the grand duel begins.

After he kills off the seperatists there is that kind of pause where he is outside looking at the lava, an easy assumption can be made that he shut down the droids himself before stepping onto the platform.

Stass Allie's (or is it Adi Gallia? :?) body is never seen getting hurled into the air after the saleucami troopers shoot her down (maybe she lived)

I would imagine that as being a filmaker choice to tone down the violence a bit. Assumption being she hits the ground while the bike bounces up.

>"The At-Ap's on Felucia are incorrectly larger than the At-Ot's this is impossible considering the size comparison, unless wookiepedia has ti wrong :? "

Wookiepedia could have it wrong unless there is something else I am missing.

>"Mas Ammedda doesn't seem to care that Palpatine just erradicated 1000 years of democracy and genocidedly killed the jedi, I'll bet anything he knew the plan, my problem is why couldn't the jedi detect his dark side prescence? (perhaps he's been trained in the ways of the sith?)

He was in on it, craved power ect ect, just not that interesting so no one focused on it.

Theo Zissou wrote:It sure does seem like Dooku hasn't seen obi or anakin since aotc. I know they didn't plan the clonewars cartoon yet, but also when they meet grievous he definitely has never seen anakin with the line about expecting someone older. They should try to be careful in the animated series to keep them apart.

HMMM yes and no, I think its a matter of interpretation really and to hard to call one way or the other. You can read the dialouge either way IMO.

I don't think Grevious will met ani in the series to avoid that fanboy outcry LOL. :D I know that I saw some harsh reactions to them having a space fight even though really that didn't disrupt continuity since they never saw each other.

It also makes me wonder if maybe ahsoka is out there somewhere leading her own troops. Hopefully she doesn't get killed off in the series, and is alive during the dark times.

I have thought alot about ahsoka since getting her figure. I have a few conclusions about her.

The only one who could have killed her is random droids or Ajja cause otherwise we would be left wondering why Ani never mentioned her in ROTS (which would be odd anyway so it just becomes this big Continuity mess).

We have seen her with other masters and on her own with troops, could explain where she was with Order 66 came down.

I do have an idea in my head for a story invlovling Ahsoka and Vader (Obviously during dark times) when she (thinking Vader killed anakin) tries to avenge her masters death only to find out Vader is anakin. Vader spares her life (even though he could have easily killed her) due to who she is and tells Palpy she got away (also eluding to Anakin's "Conflict" that further manifests in ROTJ)
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By Darth Kikinou
Yea I hated how Anakin and Dooku dueled in the CW Movie, because in ROTS it does sound like they haven't fought or even seen each other since AOTC. Especially with Ani boasting how his power has doubled since the last time they met!
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