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By JediLjf
I'm so confused about the Queens of Naboo, originally I thought Jamillia came after Amidala and then when she became too close to the Separatists the Princess of Theed (Apailana) ran for Queen and won the election.

But now there's a Queen Neeyutnee? How can both Queen Neeyutnee and Queen Apailana succeed Queen Jamillia?

Apailana's Wookieepedia Page wrote:While Apailana served as the Princess of Theed in 20 BBY, Queen Jamillia began to side with the Separatists. In response, Apailana called for an election to install a new monarch. Senator Padmé Amidala convinced the young princess to run for queen herself and subsequently Apailana won the election.

But in contradiction...

Neeyutnee's Wookieepedia Page wrote:A successor to Jamillia, she sent out a request for Senator Padmé Amidala to return to the planet to help during the Blue Shadow Virus incident.

I'm kinda annoyed because I've been working on a PhotoNovel and the starting point of the novel was originally Queen Apailana running against Queen Jamillia, which Wookieepedia says she still did but it also states that Queen Neeyutnee came after Jamillia. :?
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By Paulskywalker
What i think you may be missing her is it says Neeyutnee was "A successor to Jamillia" that does not necessarily she came straight after her.

Even if the cannon has changed, i wouldn't worry about your PN, that is how you want it.
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By JediLjf
Hmm.. I think it's just Star Wars that's made the mistake. They've contradicted themselves. We've been told that Apailana came right after Jamillia and served from 20BBY-18BBY. But now we're being told by the writers of Clone Wars that Neeyutnee succeeded after Jamillia and served from 22BBY-20BBY, which would then mean that Apailana took over from Neeyutnee, not Jamillia.

It's so confusing.
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