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By JediLjf
Well, today I was doing some research for my drafted PhotoNovel and I was trying to find when Leia and Luke would have been concieved so I looked for what Month in 19BBY that Count Dooku was killed (that's when Padmé tells Anakin) and what month Padmé dies after giving birth (I assume 8 Months into the pregnancy as she was carrying twins) and the deaths in 19BBY list has "Month 5 (May)" as both the recorded date for Dooku and Padmé, which means that Revenge of the Sith is at most supposed to all be 1 month and that Padmé first tells Anakin she's pregnant when she's 8 months gone.

Is this right...? If so don't you think Anakin should have known Padmé was pregnant before she was 8 months gone?
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By jedibyron
just speaking hypothetically here.... he and obiwan were supposed to have been recalled from the outer rim sieges when the battle of coruscant started... so it may have been quite some time since they were together last.
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By JediLjf
jedibyron wrote:just speaking hypothetically here.... he and obiwan were supposed to have been recalled from the outer rim sieges when the battle of coruscant started... so it may have been quite some time since they were together last.

Yeah I knew he was away for 6 months out on the Outer Rim Seiges but surely Padmé had some way of telling him...? I mean, you cant have waited until you were a few weeks due to tell him surely.

Also what I can't quite grasp is that the whole of Revenge of the Sith was supposed to be fitted into about 3 weeks.
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By The Professor
I think the Hyperspace Q&A implied that it was only about seven days. The things that stretch it out are probably all the traveling/tying up loose ends at the conclusion. It's the magic of movies. The real timeline doesn't matter. Just based on Coruscant, I can think of at least three or four evenings before the movie is finished - the battle of Coruscant day that ended with the "dream" night, the assignment to the Council day that ended with the opera scene, the temptation day that ended with the turn night, the day that Obi-Wan and Yoda return to the Temple that ends with the Sidious/Yoda duel, and the evening that is beginning that Sidious returns to Coruscant with Vader's body. Of course, there could be a few days in between all of those considering the amount of traveling that is done and the fact that day on one part of Coruscant is night on another.
By zedhatch
Padme' probably didn't have a way of telling him, remember that the love is "secret" as was thier marrage, its not like you can have traced transmissions every day when you have a situation like that. Anakin would have been thrown out of Jedi Order for it. Clone Wars (both old and new versions) implys this strongly.

What I always wondered, by the time Anakin goes to Mustifar it is obvious her pregnancy is public knowledge (As when Obi-Wan says "Anakin is the father, you have my sympathies.") So what was her explaination for that since "offically" she was unmarried?

Since we really don't get a look at the "publlc life" in SW we may never really know.
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By JediLjf
I understand it would have been hard for Padmé and Anakin to speak, but about something this important you'd have thought they'd find a way to.

Oh, and Padmé's pregnancy was never in the public knowledge.
Very few people knew about it actually, the Queen of Naboo didn't and Padmé was serving her. She only told Anakin and Captain Typho, other than that the others would have guessed.

Obi-Wan guessed when he visited her early in the morning and she was in her dressing gown and had not had time to dress in her maternity gowns that hid her signs of pregnancy and I'm sure Palpatine learnt about it from feeding on Anakins fear.

If you recall neither Yoda nor Bail Organa knew of her pregnancy when she was bought to the medical facility, and seeing as Bail Organa and her were planning the Rebellion together he was closer to her more than anyone, so she must have hid it well.
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