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How bad or good is it?

Good, an awesome string of star wars movies
ok, i liked it but not better than original trilogy
Bad, but still star wars.
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By raziel
:) Attack of the clones is the let down I think.

To me this is a blue screen movie - anything that can be added in will be.

There are some interesting parts of coarse but things like Obi-wan jumping out of the window are just stupid. WHY?

As a writer there are other ways to portray the same event without it looking cartoonish - the OT never did. Here Lucas just throws sense out of the window.
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By Spearhead24
raziel wrote::) Attack of the clones is the let down I think.

I have to agree with that. There's not too much interesting stuff happening until the gunships descend... Then there are flaws like the outlander club (stinks sooo bad against the cantina) and the love story... :roll:

TPM is quite nice still, although it has Jar Jar and a too quick end for one of the coolest villains ever.

ROTS then really gained a lot of ground against the other two, shares my personal top-space with ROTJ among all SW-movies. :)
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By Theo Zissou
ok, i liked it but not better than original trilogy. I'm a big fan of the prequel movies, when it comes down to it though. There was no way the prequels could stand up to the originals. The feeling could never be the same. I think one of my favorite things that came out of the prequels was all the side stuff like the comics and the current animated series.
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By raziel

I agree with you both.

I think that the thing that spoiled it for me was that Lucas used specific wording in the OT as background - we already knew certain elements of the preqels because the OT characters had referred to them .. .

Then in the prequels Lucas kinda ret-conned his own stuff.

Alot of mooks give me a bunch of nonsense about how "Anakin was already a great pilot" still applies or "you served my father during the clone wars" is happening in what we are now seeing.

This is NOT the case.

When I say that I want a drink - thats what I mean - why would these characters get their own history kind of right when recounting it?

Darth Maul was amazing & could have been more credible had he done a bit more naughty stuff.

The three way duel was amazing but the un-needed over the top jumps between platforms cheapened it, I remember the "at last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi, at last we will have our revenge" speech at the begining of Duel of the fates - made me shudder with excitement.
By Eopie Herder
I love TPM, can't watch AOTC expect for the scenes with Jango and Obi-Wan and the end. (Though I hate the saber duels, that Yoda crap was boring) and ROTS was cool, but like all the films was marred by some terrible dialogue. I cringe every time Anakin says "from my point of view, the Jedi are evil". Again, the Yoda duel was boring to me. The Anakin/Obi-Wan was fun though. I wished that a few things that were in the early drafts of the script would have been left in, like Palpatine confessing to Anakin that he manipulated the force to create him, and Yoda talking to the voice of Qui-Gon.
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By TB9153
they are good in their own right, but they dont fit the tone of classic star wars. they have their shortcomings but they are a good watch. :D
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