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By The Professor
Love it or hate it, today marks the tenth anniversary of The Phantom Menace's premiere in theaters.

So, where were you that day?

I for one was in the eighth grade and very excited. My sister had to borrow change from a stranger to get tickets for the evening of the 19th. It was a big week for me. I for one had a great time in the theater. I was still young enough to feel the magic although I can definitely see the film's faults in retrospect. Overall, I think it's much better than most people give it credit for.
By Eopie Herder
I waited in line at the theater for a day and a half to get tickets, then another half a day to get in. Went to the 12:01 showing walked out and went right back in to the 3:00 am. Passed out half way through the second showing due to sleep deprivation, but managed to wake up in time to see the duel. This was the last time I can remember, in fact the only time I remember local theaters showing a movie 24 hours a day for the first week. I saw it like five times in the first 24 hours. The 7:00pm showing on the 19th, me and my friends dressed up. I actually shaved my head to go as Darth Maul.

I have really fond memories of that time, and i think it's why I love the movie so much. It is my favorite of the prequels, Jar Jar Binks and all, due to the fact that it was the beginning of a new era of Star Wars and Star Wars collecting, and not to mention that Liam Neeson has been my favorite actor since Darkman came out!

Ten years went by quick!
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By Paulskywalker
I've got the movie "the name of the rose" (1986) on in the background this is the first time in years i've watched it and it is very surprising how Sean Connery and Christian Slater as Friar and Novice act just as Liam Neason and Ewan McGregor and then he with Hayden Christian acted.

Then there is the scene when Slater confesses to Connery and he says "But doesn't St. Thomas Aquinas praise love above all other virtues?" , that echo's AOTC to me?

I know Luca's based the Jedi on many real religions, but I wonder if Luca's had watched this movie while writing the prequels? :lol: :lol:
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