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By jaybo1973

The sith was never mentioned in the OT but I read about them years ago before the PT. Was the sith invented in the EU and George adpted them as it was canon or did George invent the sith first but never actually refered to them by name in the OT?
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By The Professor
Darth Vader was known as a Dark Lord of the Sith as far back as 1977, but it was never mentioned in the films only in books and the like. I ascribe that title to George Lucas as it dates to early drafts of the film. The Sith were further expanded by Dark Horse for their Old Republic comics in the 90s as well as a few of the novels. "Darth" was first used as a tSith itle in Episode I and was of course adopted by publishing. By that time, George had recreated the idea of the Sith (rule of two, Darth Bane, etc.), and the expanded universe combined George's backstory with the expanded universe's. That's the story of the Sith as I know it.
By jaybo1973
Thanks for that, I have always been curious. Coruscant is another one but I am sure this was in the EU first? It popped up in the early 90s I think?
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By The Professor
The concept of Coruscant was George Lucas' idea. Instead of being situated on the Death Star, the Emperor in "Return of the Jedi" was supposed to be on the imperial capital planet, a planet covered entirely by a city. I think it's name was Had Abadon or something like that. When that concept proved too costly, the Emperor was moved to the second Death Star.

So, when Timothy Zahn was writing the "Heir to the Empire" trilogy, he got the chance to name the planet. He chose Coruscant. When Episode I rolled around, Lucas kept the name since he liked it and it was already firmly established in the minds of the fans.
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