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By stroebel83
niktom that link is lucassing amazing
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By The Professor
Niktom wrote:Out of sheer laziness... I'm not looking up it up, so I'll ask. Have the release dates been set for all the other films? Is it going to be a one-a-year type of thing?

That's the plan, but the others are dependent on the success of this one.
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By Incom
Actually looking forward to seeing SW on the big screen again, despite the fact I'm not very keen of the PT. But I'm curious how the 3Dfx will turn out. Hopefully we'll get to see them all in 3D, because the OT has quite a bit of perfect 3D sequences. Imagine the trench run, asteroid field chase and speeder bike chase in 3D :D
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By Incom
I agree, it was great to see SW on the big screen again, especially the fight with Maul. I also have the feeling some stuff was put in just for the 3D effect, like a Nikto walking by in front of the screen. Also blurring background events a bit more, again to accomodate for the 3D experience.

Does anyone know when the other movies come out and if the OT gets the 3D treatment as well?
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By The Professor
I went last night and thought it was great. That makes six times seeing TPM in the theater (including the five in 1999). I knew the effect would be subtle, but I was surprised by just how subtle it was. It appeared that the screen was just a window. Few things actually jumped out. It was very immersive in that sense. The podrace was a lot of fun. Afterward, I went out to Wal-Mart and TRU and went a little crazy buying figures, so that aspect definitely worked on me!
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By MistaBinks
I haven't been active on the site in quite some time. I haven't bought very much in the last few years. But I couldn't pass up seeing SW on the big screen. I caught the midnight opening, saw it again on Sunday, and took my nephew this morning. He is two, which is a little young for a movie, but I had to make sure the very first movie he ever saw was a Star Wars movie.

I didn't hate TPM in 1999 and I don't hate it now. I still hold my ground that if you remove one "exsqueeze me," two "yippee's," three "how wude," the "step in crap" and "fart" scene, you almost have a masterpiece on your hand. That is all it would take for me. Maybe flesh it out where Anakin is pilot and not just trying tricks in the space scene and TPM is a fine movie.

To me at least.

The 3D was subtle and we know that was by design. I do feel this is the one time George Lucas should have gave in to the fans. People wanted lightsabers and blasters flying at them. Why not give it to them. This was advertised as a 3D experience. Nobody wants to pay $15 for subtle 3D to a 13 year old film they just bought on Blu Ray, which they already had DVD and VHS, which they saw 15 times in 1999. Okay, maybe that is also just me.

Off topic, great article in EW this week on Ahmed Best and how TPM affected his career.
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By The Professor
I love that you took your nephew. Mine is about a year and a half so still too young. I'm definitely taking him once the original trilogy hits screens. He'll be old enough to remember it and appreciate the experience.

I actually liked the subtle 3D. However, I was surprised by how subtle it was. It was more like looking through a window, which was refreshing. I think they decided to keep it that way so that it wouldn't feel like a gimmick (even though 3D in any form is admittedly a gimmick). Needless to say, I'm going to see it again and probably one more time after that. I can't believe it had been 13 years since the first time.
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By MistaBinks
I agree. For a masterpiece or ultimate edition, I wouldn't want any gimmicky 3D either. Also, I am not "down" on this version. I'd be okay with it if it were advertised as "Star Wars on the big screen - in 3D or 2D." Instead, the advertisement was pushing it as "Experience Star Wars in 3D!" To me, that makes me want to see wild 3D effects. In your face stuff. The gimmicks. I am not complaining that this wasn't gimmicky 3D. I am not saying I was unhappy with my experience. Those are just my thoughts walking away from it.
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By The Professor
I understand completely. Like I said, I was surprised how subtle it was. Sometimes, I had to take off my glasses just to check they were projecting it in 3D!
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By YAK_Chewie
Took my son to go see this opening weekend, it was the first Star Wars movie he's seen (he's seen clips here and there, but I wanted to wait and try and do this right!).

He really was amazed by it, and I'm blown away by how much a 4-year old can absorb and seem to understand. It was a very fun experience and I'm glad to have been able to take him to see it. I also enjoyed it a lot more in 3D.


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