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By Scott
Does anyone know why the Max Rebo Band instrumental isn't included on the ROTJ soundtrack?

I wouldn't mind a "Deluxe Edition" with everything released so far (the original single disc plus the 2 disc version) and all the "missing" stuff.
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By The Professor
The most recent version of the soundtrack (2004) is identical to a 1997 version which was based on the Special Editions. As such, they only have Jedi Rocks. Nonetheless, there is chamber music from Jabba's palace on the soundtrack.
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By Incom
Hmm, I have a very nice soundtrack set, purchased through the Jawa Trader of SW Insider. I believe it's the '97 version. All 2-disc soundtracks, iirc. I'll check that when I'm home tonight. I think there's a version of Lapti Nek on them as well, or perhaps on an earlier version.
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By Scott
Thanks guys!

I love "Jabba's Baroque Recital" from the 2 disc set, but what I'd really like to hear in its' entirety is the instrumental when Chewbacca is being taken to the dungeon and again when the Sail Barge is flying to the Sarlaac. The song is also used in "From Star Wars to Jedi". I play bassoon so I was thrilled to hear that as the solo instrument.
By EerieYsalamiri
What is the funky song called that plays while they approach the sarlacc pit? I've always wanted to figure out the notes to that but I've never been able to find out even the tracks name.

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