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By zedhatch
What's this finally business?

OK seriously, while I do think some were a bit harsh to the PT (and in some ways deseridly so) he really needs to step back and look at the Prequels, there is tons of stuff in those films that just wasn't great.

Even still he's been saying for years there are no more SW films, so that is nothing new, I think it's funny how now he acts like we would have gotten more if we had been "good boys and girls."
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By darthmac
zedhatch wrote:Even still he's been saying for years there are no more SW films, so that is nothing new, I think it's funny how now he acts like we would have gotten more if we had been "good boys and girls."

If it was more like the PT, especially TPM, would we have really wanted more?
By stroebel83
I don't know why he just can't move on to other things. It isn't a big dramatic deal that star wars is done (at least for him). He can easily make other films. I loved Willow as a kid, and think it still holds up well as a fun film. Indiana Jones was great. American Graffiti was extremely wonderful. Redtails is a little too cliche for me, but i hear lots of people like it. Why does he have to blame anybody, or pout for that matter.
Directors move on, they get new projects, that is good, its how we get new stories, something this era needs. So why blame anyone, he has to logically see his work fell short in some areas, visually I think the films are amazing,but why not re approach the process of story telling. If writers get better by writers than I assume directors get better by directing, and taking 30+ years to redo the same thing isn't really groundbreaking. If anything, the more he reworks the more we criticize.
Hopefully he gets off the fan bashing and moves on to do some great things, he is more than capable.
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By Michael
All I can say is "Woooooohoooooo, should have happened along time ago", let someone else run with the Star Wars Universe for a bit, yeah you made it old man "Great Job now move over and let someone else carry the torch".

I have no loyalty to Lucas (and Sansweet as well) never had never will, what I have loyalty to is the Star Wars Universe and the Star Wars OT Expanded Universe.
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He sounds just like Anakin/Vader... cryin' 'bout how everyone in the galaxy is against him... what a baby... He should LISTEN to the fans & critics & understand that he has given the world a larger than his ego, spectacular fantasy in which to imagine... he should view this mega gift as just that, A GIFT to children of all ages... & reasonably accomodate the fans that have made him & his franchise a worlwide icon...
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By jedistyle
there isn't mcuh more i can say that hasn't been said, i have to admit im one of the people who criticize in the negative, but not on the movie saga, i actually loved the prequels, despite little things like jar-jar binks and sub-par acting by some of the charecters, i saw TPM in theaters 8 times, i saw AOTC 5 times and i really can't remember how many times i went to see ROTS, i own all these movies and continue to watch them on a regular basis.
im a huge EU fan and my only problem with anything SW and lucas's work is with the CW series. this is because of the debasing of cannon facts that existed before this series, you can't just decide to give anakin a padawan that dosn't fly with the movies or any other EU comics/book etc., you can't just decide to make the mandolorians pasafisct and have the warrior mandos be terrorists, these are things that were already established and now they are tossed aside for some animated nonsense. you could have made a great CW series, geared toward childeren, with out contradicting the facts and base for which the SW universe is already based on.
thats really my only gripe, stick to what is already established and don't change it.....otherwise i would fully welcome any new SW movies/shows in any form. there are always going to be critics and disgruntled fans, instead of being bent out of shape because they are criticizing your work understand they are so critical because they are so passionate about the galaxy that you have created.....

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