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By tenike1
1.) The clones from Attack of the Clones didn't even look close to Jango Fett. I forgot which forum or who said it, but the clone troopers in the mess hall from Attack of the Clones resemble Captain Typho more than Jango Fett.

2.) Helmets can disguise voices. Take your average villain calling you over the phone and disguising their voice with one of those gadgets. Think of the technology during the time of Star Wars; of course, they can make all of the clones sound exactly like Jango Fett. The Delta Squad also did not have matching voices, so I sort of believe in this theory.

3.) Jango Fett was able to kill a JEDI MASTER with ease. When 'he' flew down from the balcony, 'he' was disposed of easily by Mace Windu. With the look on Mace Windu's face, as well as Count Dooku's face, I think Mace realized it wasn't Jango Fett who he killed. I think this was a decoy so Jango Fett could escape.

4.) The only Clone Trooper I remember seeing that took his helmet off is Clone Commander Cody, who has a 100% likeness to Jango Fett.

5.) Commander Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi seemed to have a long history. Who better than Jango Fett would know Obi-Wan Kenobi? Jango couldn't kill Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino. Jango Fett couldn't kill Obi-Wan Kenobi in Geonosis' ring (asteroids). Don't you think Jango Fett would be out for revenge? I am sure Darth Sidious realized that Kenobi wouldn't be easy-to-kill and Jango Fett would stop at nothing to get revenge on Kenobi. Of course, Kenobi never saw it coming because Jango Fett disguised himself as a 'clone.' Jango pretty much failed in killing Kenobi, as you can all tell.
By tenike1
Commander Cody used a jetpack very fluently in the Clone Wars cartoon as well. :wink:
By Zabusht
tenike1 wrote:1.) The clones from Attack of the Clones didn't even look close to Jango Fett. I forgot which forum or who said it, but the clone troopers in the mess hall from Attack of the Clones resemble Captain Typho more than Jango Fett.

The clones were based on the likeness of both Bodie Taylor and Temuera Morrison so they shouldn't look any thing Jay Laga'aia unless he fell into the Kamino cloning lab and got cloned.
By tenike1
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By Commander DiFabio
This is similar to what i thought. not about jango but boba. wouldn't be cool if boba from attack of the clones got older and evenyually got killed by jaster mereel. Jaster mereel takes up the mantel of Fett an becomes the one that we know of today, ANH EMPIRE and ROTJ. I mean boba repaints his armor come on that is lame.

This theory is wrong though now that boba has a jango voice. To me when I see boba wether on screen or in comics I don't see him as Jango or Mereel under there. I see him as the cold mysteries caculating mando clad bounty hunter. Say boba and i think of the cool t-visor helmet that is his face not some clone. Sorry to get off topic interesting theroy on cody. But it really seems like cody and Obi- wan were friends. Plus Jango would not take orders from anyone even the emperor. Cody is just a great clone commander. But still who knows what goes on in the mind of lucas.
By tenike1
I don't know about that...

He seemed like Count Dooku's personal security during the battle of Genosis. :twisted:
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By Roton7
Well, Jango had his helmet off right before he flew down to fight Mace. So that is another clue that leads me to the conclusion that he is dead. :wink:
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By Grievous
I liked his charcater but he's dead. Nothing is gonna change that, Lucas wanted to add some tragic background to Boba's history so he killed off his dad.
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By Commander DiFabio
Yeah but a still is cool.
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By mastercasello
that is quite a ridiculous argument for how he is still alive. HEAD CUT OFF=DEAD. end of discussion
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By Huntsmæñus
Interesting theory. Howver, we must assume that Jango and millions of others were pawns in Sidious' plans. If someone had to die, like Jango, so be it. The first batch of Clones were done. They had the genetic imprint. They didn't didn't need the original host for more duplicating. Windu's expersiion after killing him was anger9yes, anger). Rember, Jango tried killing Windu a few minutes before by trying to fry him. And Dooku was probably just surprised by his ally's sudden demise. And why shouldn't it be easy for a Jedi Master, like Windu, to kill Jango? After all, he's just a bounty hunter.

Jango served his purpose. Once the first battalion of Clones were finished, Jango became expendable...
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By Jedi Hunter
Quite.... a creative theory.
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By Incom
Heh, my first thought after seeing the subject was "his head has come off at a certain distance from his body, hence he's pretty dead." But I like your thought about Jango sending a look-a-like as a destraction.

Still, he was quite fond of Boba (or Bobba, as he calls him), so it must've been tough make his boy believe his dad's dead.

But anything's possible in SW, right?
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By Coookieemonster
Actually Jango is Darth Vader, and Anakin died when Ahsoka crashed into the big purple moon.

Now that makes about as much sense as saying Jango is alive, come on he's dead, he aint going to do a Boba Fett and come back to life.

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