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Its hard to imagine Mace Windu either alive or turned - personally, its not something I want to see. I dont mind a few EU or other background Jedi that survived the purge being in the movie though. The question I have when it comes to Jedi - if Ahsoka survives the Clone Wars will she return for a live action movie? I could imagine an elder Ahsoka alongside Luke on the Council...

Not liking the Luke turning to the darkside thing cus that would just ruin ROTJ, he proved stronger than the darkside and with the help of his Dad destoyed the Emperor; so to have him become bad just makes that all off.

I think Mace would be too old to be in the new movies, unless technology or just humans in general age slower? But the idea of a Jedi's revenge on the Skywalkers would be interesting, but they'd have to have fallen to the darkside to justify then not forgiving his children. Maybe a 40-50yr Ashoka? :lol:

I saw a picture of Morgan Freeman the other day with Mace Windu's body, got to say it was cool! :wink:

Wow what a coincidence, i was writing this the sametime as Darth_sidious.
I'm personally pretty much against any inclusion of Ahsoka, or Windu for that matter... if there's a Jedi who shows up from the pre-Empire days, I think it should be one we've never even heard of... too convenient for them to show up in the prequels/Clone Wars, then disappear in the OT, only to resurface later on... just my two cents, but that's not to say they couldn't pull it off.

I do like the idea of Luke turning to the Dark Side, but a lot of that is because Hamill just hasn't aged well compared to Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. He is in need of a diet and maybe a face lift if he's supposed to be coming back in any capacity as the Luke we remember. Again, just my personal opinion... but this doesn't look like the leader of a new Jedi Order to me... :(


On another note, what about Stormtroopers? Think we'll see some sort of version of them in the new trilogy? I would assume that we do. And that they will not have the classic armor we all know and love (which makes sense, I guess, though I would actually prefer they keep the OT armor - at least for the basic grunts... I could see a lot more specialized troopers though).

If they do decide to go with a "new look" for them, I'd personally like to see them reference some original McQuarrie work here...

If they went with a new phase of armour for the basic Stormtrooper that would make the Legacy Comics and other post OT comics a bit iffy that show them wearing the same OT armour. I could see an evolution of the Stormie armour but not a huge jump in design, obviously they'll be new designs; likely as you say Chewie specialised troopers. The thing i always wonder is the Stormtroopers as clonetroopers were once the republic troopers so would they revert to that or would the armour be Synonymous with the Empire and so disregarded; their by used by whomever the enemy would be. But under this idea we'd likely not see stormtroopers as the republic would use different armour and so would the new enemy.

^ Nice pic of the McQuarrie design from the new Insider... the mouth nozzle is a bit big (derived from WW2 gas masks, I presume). But I still kind of like it.

But anyways, yeah I'm thinking we might see the classic style perhaps, but if 30 years has passed? I'd assume they might have new armor - especially since a new design = more money potentially for Disney/Lucasfilm... but really, I do want to see the classic gear but they could mix in quite a few more specialized trooper designs.

The one i read was he said i suppose if the original characters were in it, this was when asked.
Would they be allowed to use an Alec Guinness likeness for a future film? I would imagine we'll see Anakin (Hayden) or Yoda as a spirit before they'd try to use Guinness.

As for Lando - please no. I honestly dont want to see Han either. I have a feeling that Ford will sabotage any appearance anyway and demand that his character die in the first 5 minutes.

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