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By Theo Zissou
as planned i rented the ps3 version. very impressive. i had been playing the psp version for days now. about 4 levels in. The ps3 version cinemas are so amazing. The quality is awesome. some parts really do feel like the movie. during the opening vader level using the force push to knock over bridge parts. impressive stuff. I've noticed the versions do differ in small ways like in the ps3 version a imperial officer greets vader when he arrives and on psp a stormtrooper greets him. odd diffrence. As soon as i can i think i will just have to buy the ps3 version. so force unleahed gaming total $100! yikes 8)
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By Arc_Trooper77
Current Planet: Felusia. :wink: I'm not telling you anything else, to prevent spoilers.
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By Niktom
Well I got in early from class and put this bad boy in.

Playing as Vader in the opening was fun and irritating all the same time. Dude just straight up walks SLOW! But man, that saber throw if vicious.

Made it to the Tie Factory and played around a bit. I love how interactive the environment is. Had fun smashing windows and cutting up astromech droids.

Looking forward to tomorrow night when I can devote more time to it.

I'm curious to know what difficulty level you guys are playing on. I decided on Sith Warrior. Couldn't stand to do the novice level but really didn't feel like dealing with the most difficult.
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By Arc_Trooper77
The hardest level setting. (Whatever that is, I forgot..)
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By Theo Zissou
I'm playing Sith Warrior.

I'm stuck right now on the junk planet. raxus prime i think? the level you hunt kazdan. right at the part where juno calls in and says you can go over the toxic pool and need to find a way through some village or runner? i found a placewith a bunch of jawas and a point bonus, but no clear way to go :/
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By Arc_Trooper77
There is a glowing section of junk on the far side of that area.. kill all enemies first, then use the force to raise it.
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By Arc_Trooper77
Of course. Also! Once you get to Felusia, listen to the voice parts of the game.. you'll hear some interesting parts of history in Star-Wars. I won't ruin it for you, but turn subtitles on.. and pay aattention to your surroundings.. :wink:
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By YAK_Den
#51153 ... t#c7807346

The above review in my opinion is pretty spot on! I'd give them the award for most concise and down-right honest review. Most seem to be kinda nice towards the game and come close to this amount of honesty but it's true.

The game alone is worth it just for the friggin AMAZING story. I'm not that far into it but damn... the story is powerful and would make for an amazing movie (IMO).

The bummer... the game is only about 8 hours long. WTF????? Though I'm not to the end LucasArts must be planning something.... Also most of the "bads" of the game seem to hopefully be patchable via PS3 or 360. So that's hopeful!!!! And has me praying they do patch! Overall... it's a great game that every fan MUST play!
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By Arc_Trooper77
The stupid NES fanboys REALLY need to chill. This game is crazy good, and I find it highly amazing.
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By raziel
8) Brought this after work today & so far just played Kashyyyk & met Juno.

This will be my day-off game tomorrow after work :lol: .

So far I think its pretty good - the battle against Marek snr was pretty good & the stormtroopers new outfits are a nice addition & in no way forced.

The Wii-mote is definately alot of fun :!:
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By Paulskywalker
How are the graphics on the Wii?
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By Theo Zissou
I'll just give a SPOILER warning just in case

I'm about getting toward the end now i think. still haven't had to make a choice on what side to go. i would like to see both. i thought i would go dark first, but the momentum of the story makes you want to go light. lol.

So far the story has been excellent. most of the gameplay has been good. There is a few spots where things can get a little annoying. like the shaak Ti fight. i must of died at least 20 times during that fight, same with the bull rancor right before maris. During the bull rancor fight i kept getting stuck in objects like the wood when i would try to avoid the bull. overall though very fun. and i think just for the story of it i need to buy a copy(i'm renting the ps3 version atm)

I think they could make another really cool wave from force unleashed as well. Starkiller in his first raxus prime outfit, Proxy for sure, Kazdan has to be one of the coolest ideas. I love his disilliusioned junk droid jedi council. shaak ti of course, maybe leia, Starkillers father. would be a pretty awesome wave :)
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By YAK_Den
HEHE! Game completed!!!!

You make the "choice" right at the very end! AMAZING STORY and fun game! A tad short and can't wait for whatever Lucasarts has next!
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By Theo Zissou
same here. just finished. i had to go the light way :) yeah the whole end part is really epic. :)

I have to say though one part that really pulls the game down was the part where you bring down the star destroyer. that part was so annoying.
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