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By terman123
Every so often I'll play thru them, it's been a while, may have to dust one off and try it again.
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By Arc_Trooper77
What's the most powerful Jedi you've created? :wink: Stats wise?
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By Incom
Haven't played KOTOR in quite a while and never got around to finishing it. IIRC I ended up fighting Malak, but couldn't beat him. I don't have KOTOR 2, I may check if it's on sale and buy it.

Although KOTOR is quite a beautiful game, it's not really my cup of tea.
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By Niktom
I've played through KOTOR once and really loved it. Takes so long though that I just don't have time to do it again. :( Hope to get around to it at some point.

KOTOR II, in my opinion, just wasn't as good. Not sure if the magic was lost after the first, if it was the story line, or what. I've started it 3 times but never really gone far on any of it. It's not hard, just would lose interest quickly. The original was like a really great novel, I couldn't put it down for wanting to see what happened next.
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By Arc_Trooper77
Everyone hates me for saying this, but I liked II better. It had a more emotional story line, and reached out to me better. :wink:
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By MasterGrievous
I liked them both. Both had their merits, KOTOR had a better story, but I liked the updated gameplay elements in KOTOR 2. Haven't played them in a while though.

If you haven't already, I do recommend that those who liked KOTOR try out Mass Effect. It's not SW, but it's made by the same people who made KOTOR and it uses most of it's gameplay from KOTOR and even does a better job with it. Theirs even a character called "Nihilus". :lol:
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By Clone_5X
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By Captain Pierce
Man i have played through the 2nd one once and now two more times soon maybe not i dont know if i'll get back to it
I played it for some time, but got stuck in the final mision, so I played more sporadically till I was off the hook. But what I really liked is that the variety of embiroments and planet...oooh and that ship, the Ebon Hawk, great design, I would like to see some one making a custom of it
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