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If a clone wars game was made based on the animated series, would you buy it?

I would certainly buy it! There was a game made called the clone wars, but it wasn't really that great. I would like one where everything was like it appeared on cartoon network, and you could play as the republic, or the CIS. here's what it could have:


ambush on illum
rescue on hypori
battle of muunilist
mon calamari battle from volume 1
space battle from volume 1
anakin vs asajj ventress
grievous vs jedi on hypori
mace windu's battle from volume 1
defend coruscant (play as yoda, mace windu, or captain fordo in phase 2 armor.

(pretty much any battle in the show would be cool to play)

So, would you buy it?
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By mastercasello
this is an excellent idea for a game. My brother and I always talk about ideas that lucasarts could use for games. They haven't even scratched the surface in my opinion.
this would be a real fun game though. They would just have to make it more difficult than legos
By Delta:RC/1162
the lego game was easy, and probably the second will be too. Games are always easy when you can type in the cheat for "invincibility".
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By Delta_82
i would like a game like this.
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By mastercasello
it would be great to play as some of the jedi from the clone wars series. It is something different and that is what i am looking for in games.
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By Roton7
I'd buy it!

Here's how I'd like it to go:


Level 1: Muunilist 10 - play as Captaain Fordo and make your way to the rendezvous point.
Level 2: Battle of Mon Calamari - play as Kit Fisto and destroy the underwater armies of the enemy.
Level 3: Invasion on Muunilist (part 1) - play as Durge, and destroy all of the Republic's ground ships.
Level 4: Invasion on Muunilist (part 2) - play as Obi-Wan, defeat Durge the first time, then go to the Banking Clan hideout, and defeat Durge again.
Level 5: Starfight - play as Anakin, first destroy all the vulture droids, then follow Asajj Ventress into hyperspace.
Level 6: The Dantooine Attack - play as Mace Windu, and destroy the giant machine-thing before it destroys you.
Level 7: The Ilum Cave - play as Barriss Ofee, and destroy all the chameleon droids in the cave.
Level 8: The plains of Ilum - play as Yoda, and make your way to the cave before the army of chameleon droids destroys you.
Level 9: Yavin Battle - play as Anakin and fight your way through the ruins of Yavin until you destroy Asajj Ventress.
Level 10: Assault on Hypori - play as Ki-Adi-Mundi, and survive until a certain point, in which the game ends (you can't defeat Grievous).


Unlockable levels (once you beat the game in Difficult mode)
Bonus Level 1: A walk in the snow - play as C-3PO on Ilum, and avoid blaster shots as you retrieve Padme's jacket.
Bonus Level 2: Slaughtering Warriors - play as Asajj Ventress, and destroy every single creature in the arena.

Three alternate versions of the game:
1. Ultimate Battle - You can either make it an every-man-for-himself battle, or create teams. There are also unlockable characters. Until you beat any version of the game, the only characters are Obi-Wan, Anakin, Asajj Ventress, Durge, Yoda, and Kit Fisto. You can also create a custom character.
-Once you beat Easy mode, you unlock Barriss Ofee, Luminara Unduli, Captain Fordo, and a Mon Calamari Warrior.
-Once you beat Medium mode, you unlock Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi.
-Once you beat Difficult mode, you unlock Yoda and General Grievous.
2. Good vs. Evil - Either you can create teams, or all the players can be on one team, and the other team is made up of computer characters. Here are the teams:
-Good: Everyone on this team chooses between the following characters: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace Windu, Yoda, Barriss Ofee, Luminara Unduli, or Kit Fisto. If there are more than 7 people on this team, the extra players are automatically clone troopers.
-Evil: Everyone on this team choose between the following characters: Asajj Ventress, Durge, General Grievous, or a Super Battle Droid. If there are more than 4 people on this team, the extra players are automatically battle droids.
3. Defend your leader - In this game, there are 2 teams, and both teams must be made up of non-computer players. One team is entirely clones, and one team is entirely battle droids. Both teams have a leader, who is also a non-computer player. You may choose from any players on the "Good" team (see above) to lead the clones, and from any player on the "Evil" team to lead the droids. Here's the point of the game:
-Your intentions are to destroy the opposing team's leader.
-Once your team leader is destroyed, you lose.
-Both leaders may go into battle, but that is not recommended, because then the leader is much more vulnerable to die.

On every mode playable (except Story mode), there are different maps to choose from:
-Mon Calamari (above water)
-Ilum (this level includes both the snow area and the caves)

Phew! That took a long time to type. Whattya think about the whole thing?
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By Roton7
Theo Zissou wrote:might as well have the season 2 stuff though too eh?

WHAT? After the 40 minutes I put into revising that list over and over again, you still ain't happy?

*Roton screeches a roar of anger*
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By Roton7
Ahhh...NOW you show appreciation.

By the way, I found a YouTube video that highly resembles my "roar of anger":

:) <---click on the smiley face!
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By Delta_82
lord Roton is angry, fear him!!!!!!!!!! :roll:
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By Roton7
Delta_82 wrote:lord Roton is angry, fear him!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

Oh look, Delta_82 uses a lot of exclamation points! Fear the exclamation points! The lines are for peace, but the dot underneath is a pure embodiment of power itself!
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By Delta_82
Roton7 wrote:
Delta_82 wrote:lord Roton is angry, fear him!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

Oh look, Delta_82 uses a lot of exclamation points! Fear the ! The lines are for peace, but the dot underneath is a pure embodiment of power itself!

thats right run in fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see the exclamation points > !!!!!!!! yeah now everybody fears ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

ok i just Scared my self :shock:

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