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By StarWarsCJ
Only if I could play as the snow bunny amidala
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By Jedi Hunter
StarWarsCJ wrote:Only if I could play as the snow bunny amidala
Amen my brother.
By StarWarsCJ
Yup the snow bunny or none at all.
I would dig a Clone Wars game that runs along side the current Clone Wars series.... You could have clone missions and jedi missions that switch out at certain plot points. I would make it have 4 choices of characters for jedi, all unknown made up jedi. Have say, 2 humans (male/female) and 2 aliens (male/female). Then the clones could be made up analogs to cody and rex. I would have the game be in third person, with a couple of levels as jedi, then you switch out to clones and play a supporting mission for a couple of levels, then you link back up and play as the jedi, etc. And you can have Anakin and Obiwans missions from the series be the back ground plot and your characters missions be parallel, in support of the main show plots. This would allow you to have the feel of being in the sw universe without disrupting the established canon of the episodes. Hopefully the game play would be similar to say...ultimate alliance or very similar...perhaps with character swap out options?
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