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By Incom
Hey Joolz, I downloaded it and just shot down 43 TIEs up till stage 3. I died, came back and then the Falcon got destroyed. Bummer! :lol:

But man, it is fantastic! It was great to just fly around and checking off TFs in my cross hairs. Reminds me of the glorious days of the early 90s when I played X-Wings for months on end and probably went through three Gravis analog joysticks... at least :lol:
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By julianmaurice
Yes, this game would have been the "Shizznitts" if it were out in the 80's. Considering it's free, I think it's the best Star Wars game out there.

I often play the game if I've got a few minutes to spare, I love mowing down scores of ties. I've now got to the point where I can complete it almost every time, but it took lots of failed attempts.

Did you download the graphics upgrade?

1. You can shoot off missiles, they get replaced when you shoot down Tie's.
2. Set your lasers to joint fire (all 4 lasers to fire at once) by pressing the X key. You'll need to fore accurately but one hit will finish off a Tie or tie Advanced.
3. Go for the Star Desroyers, launch 3 x proton torpedoes at each shield generator then go in for the kill from the rear, you can take down a Star Destroyer in a relatively short time.
4. kill 100 ties and you get an extra life.
5. Sometimes it helps to commit suicide when attacking Star Destroyers if you are low on shields and have launched all of your missiles, you'll re-launch fully armed.
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