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Got this in my mail today and posted it up on my blog. Really impressive. it’s just a cinematic trailer, but the game itself looks really good as well. Be nice to have a online star wars game again after Galaxies fell apart.
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By Captain Pierce
That was a really impressive trailer for a pc game. 8) :!:
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By smartypants1635
The game takes place 300 years after Kotor 2. The sith and Republic continued to fight etc. The mandalorians payed by the sith, had a blockade. Then the sith reemerged and they were at war for a while. After the republic was getting its butt handed to them they asked for a peace talk on Alderaan. While the talk was going on that trailer happened aswell as a simultaneous attack on the senate killing the chancellor. Pretty crazy attack. All of that was to force the republic into giving up its outter rim holdings. Its really interesting, and the events can be read in the mini comic on the SWTOR page.
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By Captain Pierce
Thanks for the info Smarty. Anyone know a release date, if there is one I didn't see it?

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