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By YAK_Chewie
I played it last night for about 2 hrs, actually got through two levels already and just met with Yoda. I have it on "EASY" though.

I'd say that so far, it's pretty cool, but the Yoda scene seems forced... it just doesn't seem at all necessary and is just a gimmick. I understand it's a game, so it's acceptable... but still. The cave scene was pretty cool though.

Overall, I think the graphics are superior and his Force powers are amazing. I do feel the game play is a little jittery though compared to the first game. Maybe my XBOX can't handle it or something, heh.

It's a fun game so far though, I'm really enjoying it!

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By YAK_Chewie
Darth Kikinou wrote:
Niktom wrote:WTH.... my nine year old just beat it. Two days.... two freakin days. He maybe worked on it a total of 8 hours.... maybe. Dang, I've had old NES games that took longer to complete!

Hrm, that affects my views on this now. I was seriously thinking of getting it in spite of struggling mightily to get used to the controls in the demo (xbox 360, but I suck at any game that uses anything more than the ole' run-jump-fire setup, can't handle eight million buttons!) It's just so cool, I thought I might overcome that and that spending 60$ + tax on it would motivate me as well but I'd want it to last a substantial amount of time. I think your son is some kind of video game wiz!

And yea, games used to be MUCH harder. You died after one hit and had to restart entire levels, 30 minutes back, and if you died x many times you had to start over altogether. Now you get life meters with replenishers everywhere, you get infinite lives, you restart minutes from where you died.

I sometimes enjoy the background scenery more than anything to be honest. The Cato Neimoidia level is simply stunning. I would love to see it explored more in either a film or the live action TV series if that actually happens.

Also, haven't seen any Evo Troopers yet, I don't think... but have seen a ton of Jump Troopers... they are actually easier to kill this time around (well most troops are) I think because the Force powers seem enhanced this time around.

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By Niktom
Not sure if he's a video wizard or not... maybe just dedicated. LOL

I'm anxious to get started on it but have the new Castlevainia I'm currently working on.

What I saw in passing does LOOK fantastic. The environments look a lot richer and less blurred than the first.

I'll say this though, the game has made my kiddo want to get the novel to read. So to all those people that say video games are bad can SUCK IT. LOLOLOLOL
By leebo
************THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS***************

I bought it the day it came out, and beat it the same day, about 8-9 hours I think (on hard, or whatever the highest rating is before unleashed), including time required to recharge my controller batteries. When I got to Dagobah, I was thinking OK this is cool, I wonder what kind of enemies I will encounter, then the guy just walks by Yoda, goes in, goes out of the cave, and that's it.... right. Two minor issues are the boss fights seem a bit long, I don't know how many times Darth Vader insulted me during the last fight, the second issue is that I had trouble selecting which objects I was throwing, the targeting system usually highlighted enemies so I wasn't able to highlight boxes around them to throw at them.

Oh, wait, two more issues, the game didn't feel as much 'star wars' as the previous one did, there were not really any new interesting characters and many of the enemies were machines/robots that kind of looked like grevious, it just didn't feel as OT as I had hoped I guess.

Overall it was short, but so was the first one as much as I can recall. The levels are pretty long, but there are not many of them. I like it, and it was interesting to see the story and I will probably play through it many more times in the future. The ending would suggest that there would be another game though, at least I'm guessing

************THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS***************
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By Paulskywalker
Got the Wii version today, only played Kamino and Cato Nemoidia so far; been really good. Oh and there is a few things on my Hasbro should make list already, especially the Imperial Gunship. :lol:
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By Incom
Honestly I totally missed the launch of TFU2. Recently sold my copy of TFU1, since I rarely played it anymore after completing it. Maybe I'll get TFU2 when it's on sale or for cheap on the second hand market. I'm just not interested in the same game again, only with stronger Force powers and such.

I just wish we'd get a new Battlefront or even a state-of-the-art space combat sim :D
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By YAK_Chewie
I plan on playing this game some more this weekend if I have a few hrs of downtime... I really liked the first couple levels a lot... interested to see what sort of other troopers are in this game and new characters... looks like a rich pool of designs for Hasbro to pull from.

Do have to admit, this one doesn't have the "awe" to it that the first one did. I think when that one came out, we were starved for something like it - this one is actually a better game so far from what I can tell, but I'm not overwhelmed just because the first one was so much more ground breaking to me.

Can't wait for SWTOR more than anything... I hope to hell that I don't have to get a new PC just to be able to enjoy it.

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By Paulskywalker
Bit bummed, i've already finished it and i don't like it when i'm able to finish a game a few days after buying it. Yes it's a good game and the levels are long but the game itself is not long enough especially compared to the first one!

Again i like the game but it seem's like they got lazy in making it and sadly the Wii version no long had sabre control.
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By Paulskywalker
I just got and read the TFU 2 comic, different and i think better. Without saying much I was surprised to find the protagonist wasn't StarKiller, some interesting adaptiong and the end was different leaving it open for a very different sequel to the game.

One character i want a figure of is Fett's girlfriend in the Mando armour with a phase 1 clone helmet.

One theme i don't like of all TFU stuff is how weak Vader appears, for the second most powerful Sith in the Galaxy he doesn't half get his ass wooped a lot, really deminshes his personna.
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By Grand Master Yoda

I loved this game!

The action and graphics are phenomenal. The lightsaber choreography is beautiful, and the force powers are even better than the first one. The characters and planets are very Star Wars and give you the feel of being there. The whole time you are on the run and it is like a non stop train straight to action. Weilding two lightsabers is very fluid and fast, and the combos are fun to initiate.

Sure many of us SW fans would have wished it to be longer just so the fun never had to end. I am guessing though that maybe they will put out some pre-planned DLC soon. It worked for them the first time and anyone knows in gaming marketing that DLC is the way to go to make more money. This is just a guess though and I have heard no rumors to support this. I definately will get any DLC for extra gameplay when it comes to this series. The extra levels they puty out last time were well worth it in my humble opinion.
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By Paulskywalker
I thought i put that post about the comic in the literature section? :?
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By Darth Depressis
Aside from having re-igniting my interest in Star Wars;
Ive yet to replay the initial game since I beat it after it's
Release date....not that I haven't enjoyed the DLC on
Many occasions...the game itself was a total letdown
With it's watered down nature, cropped story, unresolved
Ending, wasted opportunity to utilize major players,
and worst of all repedetive structure.

All of these issuses stem from the departure of
The games original designer & writer.

With the Novelization, Comic, and ones own
Imagination; the game delivers on it's promise,
Just think of Boba Fett with the same disdain
The writers of clone war obviously do,
sustain all disbelief in regards to the
God moding of Starkiller's Clone.
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By StooperZero
digging this one up.

I got this game for $3 new yesterday , on my PC using a 360* controller.
Graphics are awesome, gameplay is terrific.

Having owned and finished the first one on a PS2 , this one is a huge jump. Im at kamino invasion now , so far I am impressed.
BUT it is a lot easier going and less challenging that the first one.
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