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By Drayco90
The new "Hope" Trailer was just released at E3 yesterday. I'm pretty exicted for it, but unsure if an MMO is in my budget. Love the idea of the game, and all the actuall footage shown so far is pretty impressive looking.

Trailer here-
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By YAK_Den
There's tons more beyond the trailer too!

Check these out:

Player Ships:

Field Action Gameplay:

Bounty Hunter Armor:

By jaydsaber

I'm on board with you there! My wife and I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced.

I was actually really interested in "Hero's Jounrney" a few years back and when they said this game was going to use that Engine I couldn't contain my excitment :D

Count my wife and I as being on the first day its released!!!

as far as the cinimatic trailors go this is what Star Wars should be!! I absoulutly love them and I really hope they make some movies/shows/anything with that type of CG.

My wife tried to go to TOR's website yesterday evening and it had crashed due to the traffic...
hopefully someone notices the demand for stuff like this
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By Paulskywalker
I've never got roudn to play KOTOR games but the trailers for this so far make it look amazing! I want figures from this, especially that Republic Trooper!
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By Drayco90
I am slightly dissapointed that the combat system hasn't seemed to change much since KOTOR though. The D20 system has been replaced by Biowars, and I would've loved a Mass Effect style game. That's not going to slow me down though. I hope we can have plenty of alts. because I want to play Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Soldier, Inquisitor... and well, everything actually. This game just looks fantastic, and I know Bioware won't let us down. :D
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By Grand Master Yoda
This game looks great!

When it comes out we should all gather with our characters online and create a Yakface community in the game. I play SoulCalibur IV every week on XBOX live with SW characters and love it. Never played an MMO before though.
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By RC 0379 Marev
I swore up and down that i would never get hooked into a subscription based MMO, but this one may actually make me eat my words...I just hope i have enough machine to run it, and that i can use an xbox controller with my pc to play it. I can't do keyboard/mouse brain just isn't wired for that!
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By rc-1207 Sev
Man you are lucky ! I am so pissed I can't find it for MAC. Looks like it's not out [ yet ? )
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By StooperZero
DOnt even play this if you make custom figures/vehicles.

The things they tossed in this game just in the first planet are mindblowing.
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By TradeFederationSympathy
I got the game and tried playing for a week or two but my lag was so bad that I gave up. I have never had a lag issue before and I played WOW back in college. Oh well...
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