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By DanOfTheDead
I'm disappointed WoW has had such a heavy influence in the game's art style and play style. I know some of that's unavoidable, and it's not like they can render the quality of the cut scenes for the actual gameplay, but I'd have preferred it to be a little less cartoony than it is. Still, the the DESIGN is amazing. Level 7 and I've already seen plenty of customizing inspiration, which is why I ultimately decided to give the game a whirl.

Certainly fun so far, but I hope it manages to distinguish itself from WoW... which I never really could get into.
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By StooperZero
it gets deeper. real deep, countless possibilities .

Just go with your own opinion/feelings on the task scenarios.
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By StooperZero
bout to give it up.
the MEH factor is really up there. they fixed all the lag issues and some other bugs but.

It's too damn repetitive
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By Darth Depressis
Considering all the awesome CG trailers and eventual
Cutscenes...the game is visually repellant.
Otherwise...the story that is excruitingly weaved within
The pathetic excuse of a game is fine when it's passed out
In dose form. barely in as a pureblood sith hottie called
"Yuurizab" and a scared Twi'lek Jedi initiate called
"Zipporah Cometchaser", a set of characters both slated
For inclusion within my works.
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I had played it for a while when it first came out, but the lack of players on my server and the amount of level grinding chased me away. It got to the point where I was on the server and there might have been 5 other people on it TOTAL, which doesn't really help when some stuff requires a group to beat. I made a level 48 Sith Juggernaut named NYRALATH but ultimately ended up stopping my subscription to focus on other games. Plus Hutt Ball got really boring.

Now I'm back on after the server consolidation, which brings more players but is the sign of a dying MMO. I've never played WoW but I heard it had the same kind of things going on. I like the game more now; seems to flow a lot better, I'm currently working on a trooper named GYRUS on The Bastion. I like the new starship battles and other improvements although I'm new and kind of confused by some things...I'll figure it out. I just hope more players get on it seems like Bioware is continuing to support and expand on it. I can't wait to see what levels 50+ look like. I also love the gear and the customization features.
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