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By Darth Kikinou
For the DS... it's AWESOME. I love these games, so much fun, and this one doesn't disappoint.

So far I've gone through a level on Toydaria, then the Malevolent mission, and the Rishi moon mission (complete with space slugs!)

I'm soooo glad they didn't mess with the formula and introduce all sorts of touch screen crap you have to do. Same formula, just more new stuff. For the Rishi level you use Rex and Cody, way fun. You use Jedi and R2 for the other two. I'm just wondering how far it goes, I mean how far into the series. Probably only till the end of the first season?

So let's recap the lego games (for the DS, not a fan of the overly elaborate graphics and controls on the Xbox)
- Lego Star Wars 1 : 10/10
- Lego Indiana Jones : 10/10
- Lego Batman : 10/10
- Lego Indiana Jones 2 : 10/10
- Lego Harry Potter : 7 / 10 (a bit too much touchscreen, and I don't like Harry Potter anyway heh)
- Lego Star Wars 2 : probably 9 / 10, not too crazy about a couple of new things so far but still great

and they've got a Pirates of the Caribbean one coming soon too!!! :-) :-) :-)
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