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I just uploaded a vid showing my original Kenner board game on my Collection THX1138 Youtube channel

STAR WARS DESTROY DEATH STAR Full Gameplay & Rules Kenner 1977

I also did one with house rule mods using dungeons & Dragons dice with Advantage Disadvantage rules depending on how many X-Wings are in your squadron

STAR WARS DESTROY DEATH STAR with D&D DICE GAME Cool House Rules Advantage Disadvantage Modification

P.S. This is a Kenner product however it's in my game series I'm uploading so it's better posted here especially because of the 5e D&D Mod imho Thanx!
:D I mention in the Gameplay vid reading the rules its probably consider a proper name ie. "It's Mr. Death Star to you" lol

It does also make it sound more personal :lol:
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