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By hemble
Hi All,

Onto a new project this round I'm doing a Imperial Spacetrooper using a Bandai 1/12 kit. The trooper has built straight out of the box and I will be keeping the articulation as there is little to no joint sections like Hasbro's troopers.

The air tank has been built using a part from a 3-3/4" Imperial Evo Trooper, piece of plasti card tube, 1/72 scale tank wheels, two top of Hasbro SW missles, some 1/20 scale plastic nuts, two parts from the 6" BS speeder bike and some plastic tubes from the bits box.

The base is from the Bandai Stormtrooper and I have built up aroind it using plasti card as it will have a 9 volt battery underneath as it will have to lights in it. The lights run up thru the plasti tube and I have used a 1/35 scale tank wheel on the taller tube and the two tubes have clear domes that I gotten from two Star Trek kits.

spt 01.JPG
spt 02.JPG
spt 03.JPG
spt 04.JPG
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By hemble
StooperZero wrote:thats awesome. one guy i know has been buying these up.

I need to get the bandai R2/R5 set .

Cheers mate and I have R2/R5 and C3P0 on the way.

I make stuff too!

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