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Anybody else grab this? These are invaluable to me, so many little details about the movies that I would have never picked up otherwise. Every minor character has a fleshed out past, every piece of equipment or tech is discussed in detail. The Decraniumed cyborgs were the most surprising thing for me from Rogue One, very horrific, but there are a ton of other cool details in these. I got one for TFA as well and it has been a wealth of cool nerdy SW knowledge. High recommend for SW diehards.
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By GrandMoffHux14
I LOVE the Visual Guide, it's one of the best ones DK has published. So many awesome details and it was nice they put the cross sections in this book instead of making a seperate one, saves some money.

I also got it for 60% off at Barnes and Noble. :D
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By Kooshmeister
Nabbed it earlier this year. What I find interesting is it refers to Krennic as being in both the Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence at different times throughout the book. Which is it?
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Hmm I never picked up on that. Maybe he started at ISB and went on to Military Intelligence? I cant even remember from the Death Star novel I read.

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