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I am a big expanded universe fan, and read many of the novels. I have been following the expanded universe, through the novels, for years. I got really engrossed in the New Jedi Order, then the Swarm War trilogy, but the Legacy of the Force series is, by far, the best. It runs closest to the feel of the movies, dealing with war between the Galatic Alliance and Han Solo's home system of Corellia and the reemergence of the Sith. It's not much of a secret now, who the Sith Lord is going to be, as has run a contest to name the new Sith Lord. This leaves Jacen Solo's Darth (blank) monniker in the hands of the series fans. A wonderful nod to us. It's interesting to see how Jacen's character develops, and it becomes downright shocking. In the first novel Betrayal, he kills a fellow Jedi at the behest of Lumiya, Dark lady of the Sith. In the second novel, Bloodlines he uses excessive force (with the Force) while interrogation Ailyn Vel (Boba Fett's daughter) and kills her. He also begins arrest Corellians on Coruscant! In the latest novel, Tempest he issues a warrant of arrest and detention for his own parents, even firing on the Millennium Falcon. You can truly see a great development of his character, however angering it may be. This series has also brought about some faces from the past. Lumiya, being from the Marvel comic series, plays the main antagonist (whilst trying to shape Jacen's future as a Sith). Ailyn Vel, her father Boba Fett, and daughter Mirta Gev appear in the second novel (which was written by Karen Traviss, who has quite the way with Mandalorians). And, strangely enough, an eighty-something year old Aurra Sing appears in Tempest as an assassin who tries to kill Jacen's daughter Allana (who who was born during the Swarm War trilogy, after Jacen had a tryst with Tenel Ka) in order to remove her as Chume'da (heir apparent to the Hapes Consortium throne) as a secret faction from Hapes tries to kill Tenel Ka. There's a great amount of intrigue in the series, and it's only a third of the way into it's run. There is darkness, harrowing adventure, sadness and some humor thrown in, making it a classic [i'Star Wars[/i] experience.
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By Darth Depressis
ok, what is the point of this thread? to sell more books? i have all of the books you mentioned and i'm quite frankly loosing interest with both sides of the legacy coin. i'd be tooting a diffrent horn if tempest haden't ended so abruptly and offered up a yawn of Exile. this series could work better as a trilogy of books rather than nine spaced out novels that barely tell the same story; i.e you have traviss and denning going off on seperate tangents either laying the ground work for events yet to come or revisiting material in previous books.(this worked in dark nest,i love star by star)and allston doing all the work of setting the direction for each trilogy. pretty annoying, i'd think del ray learned the curse of this with NJO. i know the story of the entire series and have only read(own) three of the books "Vector Prime",Star By Star","The Unifying Force". and from what i can tell nearly half of the books go off in seperate directions while attempting to cover something to do with the vong while jacking up the big three.

all in all, i'm a bit burned out having gotten all three on the first day and been done with them less than twenty four hours later wanting the next installment. it also dosen't help that i worked on my own sequel trilogy from '01 TO '05 and feel i covered more bases than Dark Nest and Legacy. also diden't extend the timeline a hundred years into repeating itself.

another thorne in my paw is the contest, this really slams a steak into the heart of both Legacy series for me. on one hand its the lack of actually connecting these two dots and the other problem is the lack of creativity going unchecked around both stories. the comics atleast offer up a visual feast with their lackluster stories, whereas Legacy of the force continues to extend the looks and offers little to no visual discrption of its edtions.
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By saddestwookiee
Why do I have to have a reason to post, is my question to you. The point is to offer those who didn't read them, an insight to the stories. I find them each rather thrilling, hearkening back to the old trilogy days. Yes, I finished them early (actually about 5 hours each, non-stop reading). They are good stories at heart. I think they beat Dark Nest by miles.
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By Darth Depressis
this is a combo of my review at rebelscum, kinda sounds like lou dobbs:

i gotta say i was really psyched about this book,but in the long run (including the exile preview) it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, in the sense that i've kinda lost all hope for the rest of the series topping this first trilogy. and this really felt more like a middle chapter than the conclusion of the first trilogy of this series. there are many upsides here many great battles, way too many near misses, and nobody really important dies(SPOILER: Lumiya has rejoined the ranks of dead unseen bodies), regarding exile i'm extremely underwhelmed by this preview. after the tempest preview in Bloodlines was expecting to be counting the hours before its release as i was with tempest, also read it in one day. aside from the Crowning jacen as a sith lord(Darth Emo, to think i once hoped you where darth krayt!) in the 5th Sacrifice(i guess he's gonna kill someone? could it be his parents whom bought him every werid pet they could find while evading the imps all those years) there isen't really that much shocking and or interesting stuff supposed to happen in exile. Tempest i'm sure with a second sitting will be alot better, especially when i read all three in order after i finish the swarm war (3rd read)

ps, lumiyas mention of other sith kinda seems like a retcon patchjob to link up with the Legacy comics.

another sour note is the mirroring our real depressing world with the starwars universe. hopefully exile is that final of note music before the wicked witch busts outta the floor in the wizard of Oz, a last shining of hope before the Sacrice......exactly, these books are becoming way to involved with the current climate. and Lumiya's more sith comment begs for answers, either were supposed to believe they've been planning this for some time and said send out that old battleaxe Lumiya to seduce that solo JERK into the dark side to cast attention away from what were really doing. or the delray authors and the Dark horse writers are that divided and delray is the one having to cave and include a nod to Darth Krayt's sith order. either way its becoming more and more disspointing on both sides of the Legacy coin, on one side the books are clearing the wings of EU side plots, while continuing to grasp at the prequel era as well as including the popular Mando's(i hope they continue this and explain why they have yet to be seen in the comics. i forsee this series coming down to a large scale battle.) as a means to sell books which in the long have yet to even challenge the like of Dark Nest in my opinion. (betrayal came really close.Bloodlines had me until the soap opera ending,Tempest went sour at the end,Exile appears to know its a middle of the road novel, Sacrifice comes down to a Contest? which really casts a poor light on these authors: "what they couldn't come up with a sith Name?" "Whats the point of Legacy comics, if krayt isen't Jacen? aside from that bit of hope the story sucks really bad. i'm purely interested in legacy for there worth over the story now.")

i totally agree that Tempest could have been a hundred pages shorter, so far the first trilogy could have been one "Good" book if combined. and regarding Jacen's continuing path to Scumhood, it dawned upon me the other day how evil Vader used to be to almost all of us until the prequels, the conclusion i've come to is:> Jacen Solo is being made into the sicko we all feared as children, the authors are attempting to revive the evil of Starwars with someone whom really has no reason to be doing so. which makes him that much more discusting, I for one would not mourn his passing as Darth Krayt (vote for krayt as his name if you plan to vote), a name which would make sense for him being an animal lover in his youth.

another question and potential problem, what was with the "mine" part? are they really going to drag out old Sidious again. please tell me that isen't possiable at this point, the guy has died like four times. unless he's a herion addict the guy has to stay dead.

on a side note, the galactic alliance being conquered by the reborn empire in the comics is way too far off in the future if you ask me, i for one would personally rather live in the empire than the alliance. i was also begining to like their telling of the future of starwars, but now i'm back to liking my own version of it better.
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By saddestwookiee
The whole "mine" thing came way out of nowhere for me. When I saw it in Tempest, I barely remembered Tatooine Ghost. I want something here. Jacen's denial of Lumiya's involvement in the GAG seemed rather weak at this point. You know, when Jacen was battling Aurra Sing and he felt like his eye might melt, a bell went off. Krayt I thought. But, no. My theory about Krayt is, oddly enough, that's he's Ben. Being that he is Luke's son. Luke is from Tatooine, home of the Krayt dragon. A whole, bizarre, "No, Cade, I am your (great)grandfather!" twist. lol No, Jacen is not to be mourned. It's disturbing, but, it was going to happen to someone. Jaina is the better of thw twins, anyway!
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By saddestwookiee
Tatooine Ghost falls around the events of The Courtship of Princess Leia. It's a good story where Leia learns more about her real family, the Skywalkers. She, Han, Chewbacca and C-3PO are en route to Tatooine to bid on a painting that came from Alderaan named, Kilik Twilight. This painting is actually sought after by both fledgling New Republic and the Imperial Remnant for some code it contains. There, Leia meets her father's old friend Kitster Banai, and finds Shmi Skywalker's old datapad/diary. I won't go much deeper than that, but, the novel revolves around the painting, and some surprising Phantom Menace characters show up. As for Exile. I read the teaser at the end of Tempest, and I don't hold too many reservations for it. I am interested to see the further development of Jacen's Sith visage. I can't wait until we get far enough in the series...
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By Darth Depressis
hey lets bring this one back from the dead guys...

just got done with sacrifice......heres my blurb from rs:
gotta tell as we dive deeper in lotf i come to love it all the more. traviss is truely a great starwars writer. i didn't really miss han,leia or the droids or zekk & jagged for that matter. all of the above are handled best under denning anyway. i'm really digging the mando's rise from the ashes, wondering how there gonna handle the starwars version of austin powers in the form of sintas vel( i've been frozen for thirty frikkin years!).

i was in the middle of vision of the future(first time) and put it down to read this one, so its gonna be even werider reading how they got together after she's dead.

personally i forsee some sort of large scale all out war where jacen is outnumbered and taken out like custar by the mandos or a final duel with jaina. also starting to think jacen's sith-ness will be covered up after the fact. we've yet to get any connection to legacy outta this series. so its either his apprentice that carrys on the sith or they spring up outta another source for legacy.

anyways, i loved this book, can't wait till august hope we get a cover for inferno soon! as well as the japanese covers for the first four.
By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
Hey all...


I finished Sacrifice in 22 hours...pretty good for me....I couldn't put the book down. Not since the novelization of Revenge of the Sith (read before the movie came out) have I been spellbound by a Star Wars novel...I couldn't wait to turn each page!

It was as "movie" -esque as Traviss could have made it. And the death fight rocked! I'm a little frustrated with the whole Ben/Jacen thing....I'm pretty sure Ben is going to rock Jacen's world with Luke knowing about the Lumiya connection... Mara couldn't have had a better demise!....

The next 6 weeks are going to be agonizing waiting to see what happens next...

I think Jacen is going to actually kill Luke, Ben, his parents and everyone else and become the new Palpatine...or perhaps Ben will succumb and have Anakin's delusion that he can overthrow will definitely be interesting. A good clue will be when they reveal who Darth Krayt is in LEGACY (Issue 16 I believe)....
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By JediJman
Hmmn...good guesses there, but obviously not how things turned out. I'm just about to finish up the 8th book in the series. I think the 9th book comes out on paperback in a few weeks - anyone know of any good deals on SW novels? I know Amazon has buy 3 and get a 4th free on paperbacks, but not sure what other books I'd want to pick up.
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By JediJman
Well, I just finished this series. I liked it for the most part, but Invincible was a royal let down. Why did Jaina go through all that Mandalorian training if she wasn't going to use it in her fight with Caedus? There were a lot of little dissapointments at the end from Isolder's fate to a very predictable outcome for Allana. They also didn't wrap up earlier storylines that had a future Caedus advising Lumiya. :?
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