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By Corman
Nope, the final two issues of Rebellion were the Vector tie in issues. They get reprinted in the second Vector trade.

And Rebellion isn't coming back. It has been replaced on the "switching off with Dark Times" schedule with Star Wars: Invasion. A title set during the Vong invasion that I am really looking forward to.

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By TB9153
well way to go darkhorse. :evil: they might be idiots.
By Corman
Well, they did have a reason for dumping Rebellion. They just felt that area of the timeline is tight. And it is with all of the stuff that is out there already with Han, Luke, and Leia. They could do stories around other characters, but sometimes those just don't work. With Invasion they move it a period that has coverage in novel form but with the exception of the Chewbacca LS and the short stories done in the old Tales series has no comic book coverage. And with Colin Wilson on art (he did the Dagger Squadron arc on Rebellion), all of the previews that I've seen... I just am really pumped for it.

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By TB9153
not that im not excited for the new title, but i still want to keep rebellion. i dont buy the time line getting tight excuse. its the book realm of star wars...what continuity are they looking to save? and when has that ever been the priority? oh well :(
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